5 Inspiring Toilets from Around the World

Picture this real life family bathroom:

A jumble of poems and facts cover the interior wall and door of the bathroom. There is a phonetic alphabet, maps, mathematical charts, and even a humorous poem written by the owner’s 16-year-old son (in a moment of great hunger) about a peach he anticipated eating one day at school.

There’s also guidance from Mom:

5 Inspiring Toilets from Around the World

Can’t you just picture the teenagers in the house rolling their eyes at this little maxim as they washed their hands, only to realize years later that it was downright profound?

Why not be inspired by your bathroom?

If you are considering a bath remodel, sticking inspiring quotes to your walls with blue tack is a unique idea—one that your kids will likely remember for many years. But inspiration can come from any number of sources—even without quotes and mathematical charts.

Anytime you add personalized touches and search for distinct appliances and décor items that set your bathroom apart from the ordinary, you are enlivening what might otherwise be a boring space in your home. Inspiration can even come from a unique toilet. That’s right—a toilet.

For your viewing pleasure, we scoured different publications to find some of the most unique and, dare we say, inspiring toilets. Each of these toilets could have been bland and disheartening if it weren’t for some clever person somewhere in the world who inserted a personal touch.

Let’s take a closer look:

1. Toilet in the air

Imagine: you are on a long haul flight. You avoid drinking an excess of water and send brain waves in the direction of your digestive system, pleading with your gut to work s-l-o-w-l-y, but the inevitable eventually happens. You can’t put off going to that smelly, cramped airline bathroom any longer.

Check out this faux in-flight library bathroom that might greet you if you are having this experience on Air New Zealand. It’s a touch of wit and interest where you least expect it. Thank you, Air New Zealand, for the generous attempt to invigorate the flight bathroom experience.

5 Inspiring Toilets from Around the World

(Source: https://www.traveller.com.au)

The books are not real, and neither are the titles. They have been painted on the walls of the tiny bathroom, designed to bring a smile to customers in an unlikely place.

5 Inspiring Toilets from Around the World

(Source: https://thefussyflyer.com)

2. Toilet in the street

The futuristic cube shown in the photo below draws the attention of passers-by on this busy London street. As pedestrians stare at the alien structure, they see a reflection of their own puzzled or amused faces.

5 Inspiring Toilets from Around the World

(Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com)

The one-way glass allows a person inside to watch passers-by without being seen by them. . . all while taking care of essential business.

This shiny box is a public toilet located in London across from the city’s most celebrated modern art museum, the Tate Gallery.

Designed by an artist, Monica Bonvicini, the loo promotes the idea that you can “answer the call of nature without having to stop looking at things.” (Monica Bonvicini) The bathroom was built near an art installation, and is, itself, a working art installation.

5 Inspiring Toilets from Around the World

(Source: https://nymag.com/homedesign)

The art installation/public toilet is titled “Don’t Miss a Sec.” As stated previously, the installation is made of one-way glass, which means that you can see out but not in.

Is this inspiring, you ask? “Don’t Miss a Sec” tests your courage while allowing you to see the world in a new way.

3. Toilets in the outdoors

The outdoors is inspiring. Any toilet in the great outdoors, or with views of the outdoors, is bound to be energizing. The following photo was taken of a toilet at a remote campground on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

5 Inspiring Toilets from Around the World

The view in the opposite direction is a real treat for visitors to this bathroom. Imagine enjoying this twilight view from the same primitive-yet-inspiring toilet:

5 Inspiring Toilets from Around the World

I haven’t seen the following outdoor toilet in person, but I find that even studying the photo is invigorating.

5 Inspiring Toilets from Around the World

(Source: https://mpora.com)

4. Toilet at the top of a ski jump

5 Inspiring Toilets from Around the World

(Source: https://mpora.com)

The ski jump toilet is yet another toilet that has benefited from an artist’s creative touch. Sitting in a certain place in this room offers you the same view that you would get at the top of a ski lift.

5. Tiny toilets

There’s something inspiring about people who live in style while reducing their impact on the earth and limiting consumption. Smaller homes consume fewer of the world’s resources and have captured the public’s fascination and admiration.

5 Inspiring Toilets from Around the World

(Source: https://www.countryliving.com/home-design)

The tiny house movement has challenged us all to rethink our priorities. How much space do we really need? What really brings happiness at home? This small but clever toilet inspires through its commitment to environmentally-friendly values and its unstated disregard of over-consumption and status-driven consumerism.

We hope you feel inspired by this look at out-of-the-ordinary toilets. Whether it be a poem from Mom on the bathroom wall or a swanky new bathroom appliance, an innovative or personalized flourish in the bathroom can go a long way in spicing up an otherwise hum-drum space.