5 Reasons to Install Custom Garage Cabinets

When it comes to cabinetry, most of the attention goes to the kitchen. After all, it is arguably the heart of the home and the most used room in the house. So, why add cabinets to the garage?

5 Reasons to Install Custom Garage Cabinets

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The garage is a unique space in the home. It is neither inside nor outside. It is the perfect place to store items that are either too dirty or hazardous to be kept indoors or too fragile to withstand the elements outside. The garage is an ideal compromise. The problem with this perfect place is that when we use it to store all of these things, it quickly fills up.

On a trip out to the garage one day, you may suddenly realize that you can’t find anything, including the floor. In fact, you may not even want to try given all the trip hazards lying around. This situation is where the garage cabinets come in. Sure, there are lots of garage storage systems available, including hanging structures, industrial shelving and wall systems. All of these can be useful and helpful. However, none of them solves the problem in quite the same way as custom cabinetry.

1. Storage for your needs in your space

The items stored in the garage reflect the life of the people in the house, making each household’s storage needs unique. Whether you need to store hockey gear, woodworking tools, gardening supplies, or automotive equipment, custom cabinets can be arranged with shelves and compartments to fit the specific gear that you are storing. You can install tall cabinets for fishing rods or square cubbies for rollerblades.

Additionally, the cabinets can be installed to fit into your existing garage space. Fitting storage around existing structures in a small garage may present a particular challenge. Custom cabinets, however, can be made to fit in the specific space that you have.

2. Put clutter in its place

The garage is notorious for attracting plastic bins of things. It is easy to put like items in a bucket and put a lid on it. While this method of organizing is a good start, it often leads to tall stacks of bins that end up being stacked and unstacked and moved around each time we search for something. Locating items this way is often frustrating and exhausting.

Storing garaged items in cabinetry opens up a wealth of possibilities that offer both safety and accessibility. If the bins work for you, label them and place them on shelves inside custom cabinets. With proper design and planning, the cabinets can be designed with your storage system in mind—no more towers on the floor. Pulling out a bin also becomes a snap when it is on a shelf. You no longer have to worry about spilling the contents of the three containers on top or dropping something on your toe.

3. Keep your pets and family safe

There is often a reason why an item is stored in the garage rather than in a closet inside. Fertilizer, pesticides, sharp tools, and machinery are commonly placed in the garage, along with smelly sports equipment and bikes.

While the bikes and the sports equipment are meant for the kids, the same is not true of the cleaners and power tools. Custom garage cabinetry is a great way to separate the safe items from the potentially harmful ones.

The same methods that we use to keep chemicals safely out of reach inside can be employed in the garage. Separate cabinets can be used to store hazardous items. Locking drawers and doors can keep prying hands from grabbing things that are better left alone. This added measure of safety can give you peace of mind when the kids are retrieving their toys from the garage.

4. Protect your investment

Whether you like to do-it-yourself, or you prefer to hire a handyman, every homeowner has at least a small arsenal of tools for odd jobs around the house. If you own tools, you know that they can get expensive quickly. First, you buy a saw. Then, you add a blade, a spare battery, and a battery charger. Before you know it, you have a small fortune invested into cutting wood to fix your fence. This pattern repeats itself over again for each project you start.

While you may not use the tools often, they are an investment. Custom cabinets give you a protected place to store each tool with all its components so that you can find it again the next time you need it. Nobody likes finding the drill in one bin, but not knowing where the drill bits are.

5. Add value and appeal to your home

Custom garage cabinets will go a long way towards increasing the aesthetic of your home. Not only do they help to hide your clutter, but they help to make the garage space look bigger. The openness of the garage will help potential homebuyers to envision how they would use the garage. Perhaps it will be a workshop or simply a space for parking cars and bikes. They will appreciate not only the functionality of the storage but the clean, inviting look of the organized space.

In the Seattle, Washington area, we offer many options for custom closets for your home, including the garage. We can help you with solutions to declutter and reclaim your garage space.