7 Home Tips Before Summer Vacation

Five to six days a week of work at eight hours a day can take its toll on you. No wonder so many people dash for a summer vacation when the weather warms.

7 Home Tips Before Summer Vacation

Before you hit the beach or wherever your destination may be, there are a few items to address before leaving your home unattended. Avoid that nagging concern that you forgot to turn off the oven or left a faucet running. Here are 7 tips that can help you prepare your home before heading out on vacation to help you maximize your time off.

1. Ask a family member, a friend or a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your house. Tell neighbors that you’ll be gone. That way, they won’t shrug off a car in your driveway. If you’re gone for an extended period, have them give a quick walk around your home every few days to ensure that doors and windows look untampered with.

2. Don’t tell the online world that you are going away. Posting and sharing your plans on social media may actually encourage intruders or shady characters to attempt something unlawful. Be discreet about your travel plans.

3. Inform your home security company about your plans. Your home security agency should know that any alarms while you are gone certainly are not false alarms.

4. Lights on or off? This is a dilemma for most people since turning the lights off may signal that there’s no one in your pitch dark home at night time. But turning the lights on 24 hours a day during the entire duration that you are gone is not economical. Get a timer or light sensor to automate turning your lights on and off for you.

5. Make sure to unplug all electric appliances to prevent damages from electrical surges. Don’t forget to turn off your gas appliances and water main, too.

6. Pay your utility bills in advance, especially if you are going away for a long time. You don’t want to come to a house with disconnected power, water and gas service.

7. Remove your spare key from your usual hiding place. Placing your key above your door frame, under a flower pot or under the placemat is not safe; especially if people know you’re gone. You don’t want to give anyone an excuse to execute a crime of opportunity.