7 Surprising Things that Don’t Belong in Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a special place. It is where we prepare for the day and unwind at night, where we beautify ourselves for an evening out, and, often, where we hide from our toddler children. A person’s bathroom has the potential to be equal parts functional, refreshing, and beautiful. Because we use this room for so many purposes, we tend to leave lots of things in our bathrooms that really don’t belong there. Here are 7 things you may not think of right away that you should never leave lying around in the bathroom.

7 Surprising Things that Don’t Belong in Your Bathroom

(Pixabay / wilkernet)

1. Toothbrushes

It may seem illogical, but there is an excellent reason (gross, but good) for this. When you flush the toilet with the lid open, the germs and bacteria contained in what you just deposited are aerosolized and can spread up to 5 feet. If your toilet is right next to the sink with your toothbrush on the countertop, well, you get the picture. Washing your hands after going to the bathroom can also spray germs onto your toothbrush, not to mention what it will pick up if it falls into the sink. Even if your toilet area is in a separate room, the best place for your toothbrush is upright in a brush holder inside a nearby cabinet or in your bedroom.

2. Jewelry

Taking off your watch, necklace, rings, or other jewelry to wash your face or take a bath or shower is standard. Generally, we leave these items on the countertop until we’re finished, but we really shouldn’t. All that heat and humidity, both in the room and on your body, is not an ideal environment for metal jewelry, and over time it will subject these items to tarnishing and corrosion. It is best to remove your jewelry before heading to the bathroom and keep it safe and dry in your bedroom, for example, in a jewelry box.

3. Medication

The label on the bottle of your migraine medication reads, “Store in a cool, dry place.” Your bathroom is anything but cool and dry, and you risk reducing the effectiveness of the medications and making them expire faster. Find a new storage spot outside of the bathroom and out of reach of children and pets. Maybe put them in the kitchen with the vitamins?

4. Makeup and Makeup Brushes

The best lighting for applying that mascara is probably in your bathroom, but keeping your makeup there is a no-no. Higher temperatures, steam, humidity – all of these encourage mold growth and cause makeup to expire faster. The constant temperature fluctuations can also dry up your makeup and even change its color. Leaving makeup brushes and sponges on the bathroom counter means they will pick up germs and bacteria that will end up on your face. Ugh!

5. Razors and Electric Shavers

Steam and humidity build-up will rust or dull your non-stainless steel blades and make your razor useless in no time. For functionality and, if you have small children, for safety reasons, keep them stored in a safe place in your bedroom instead. If you must keep them in the bathroom, put them in a sealed plastic bag. The main reason why you should not keep electric shavers in the bathroom: Water just doesn’t mix well with electricity. It is not only potentially damaging to the electric items but also a dangerous combination for humans.

6. Perfumes/Colognes

Contrary to what you might think, that prized bottle of Chanel and your husband’s favorite Nautica cologne don’t belong in your bathroom. Two of the biggest fragrance enemies are fluctuation in temperature and light. These elements will cause your perfume to deteriorate and possibly even change its smell.

7. Extra Towels

It’s really hard to believe you shouldn’t keep towels in the bathroom, but it’s true. Towels can easily turn musty and smelly if they are stored in a hot and humid environment. So if you desire to dry off with fresh-smelling towels, keep the extras in your bedroom or in a hall linen closet. It’s ok to have the towel you’re using in the bathroom with you, just be sure to hang it on a rack to dry between showers/baths and replace it with a new one after three or four uses.

Once you have cleared your bathroom, you may notice that years of humidity have also caused some damage to the room itself. Peeling or cracking paint, warped wooden shelves, tile cracks, or even mold are all signs that your bathroom needs an update. When that’s the case, our team at Interior Remodel Specialists is happy to provide you with some of the most stunning and cost-effective bath remodel solutions in Seattle and Eastern Washington.