A Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Height

Cabinets are a pivotal feature in any kitchen. They should be functional and beautiful as they both take up and create space in your kitchen. One question that begs an answer is how high or low kitchen cabinets should be to be the most functional. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the height of kitchen cabinets, as it is determined by several factors.

A Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Height

(Pixabay / LynnePike)

People often assume that there is a standard height for cabinets. In the past, kitchen cabinets were typically installed 18 inches above the countertop. However, trends are shifting in this area. Recently, more people have been installing their cabinets 20 or more inches off the countertop. There are a number of reasons for this. They include:

Large Kitchen Features

If your kitchen features are generally large and your ceilings are high, putting your cabinets higher, say 30 inches off the countertop, can add a significant amount of balance to your kitchen. When everything in the kitchen is large, leaving your cabinets low will leave little room to maneuver along the countertop area and will make the space appear squished. And besides just increasing visual balance, higher cabinets are also more functional if you have a lot of large countertop appliances.

You’re tall

Your kitchen cabinets are at their most functional when they are easily accessible. If your family is on the shorter side, putting the cabinets higher just doesn’t make any sense. Your family members might need to get a step stool in order to access the cabinets. When the members of your family are taller than average Americans, however, it makes sense for the cabinets to be higher. You don’t want to have to stoop down constantly to retrieve items from short cabinets. Since there is no hard and fast rule on cabinet height, the convenience factor gives you the green light to raise up those cabinets if it fits you better.

You’re Feeling Creative

Installing your kitchen cabinets at the “traditional” height of 18 inches will leave very little space in between the cabinets and the countertop. Having cabinets that low will also keep you from displaying or adding anything underneath the cabinetry.

Some people want to display their pots and pans right above the sink. An 18-inch space between the countertop and the bottom of the cabinets will not allow for this. If you raise your cabinets a little bit higher, such as 30 inches off the countertop, there will be enough room to hang your beautiful pots and pans and access them with ease. You’ll also be able to accommodate pieces of wall art or decorative tile designs.

A Bold Style

If you want a bold style in your kitchen, such as installing a modern backsplash, raising your kitchen cabinets will accentuate your addition. You will now have an unobstructed view of your beautiful and colorful backsplash.

Contemplate the above design ideas before you remodel, and if one of them feels right, don’t be afraid to move forward with your goals. You can look at pictures of beautiful kitchens from magazines and talk to a designer to get input. In the end, though, the right answer is the one that you’ll love the most.