A Pain-free Solution for Keeping your Bathroom Clean

There’s no doubt that the bathroom is one of the most popular rooms in the house. Unfortunately, it’s also notoriously difficult to clean. Because of this, it can be tempting to delay or avoid bathroom cleaning until guests are coming over and you really have to make it look sparkly.

A Pain-free Solution for Keeping your Bathroom Clean

(Pixabay / renierveldman)

Letting bathroom cleaning slip, however, can affect your home’s hygiene. Just as you shower every day and brush your teeth several times a day, it is a healthy habit to keep your bathroom clean all the time. You don’t want germs invading your bathroom and spreading to the entire house. A lot of harmful household bacteria can be eliminated simply by deep cleaning the bathroom. In addition, a clean bathroom smells wonderful and a dirty bathroom smells, well, awful. You don’t want that stench wafting to other areas of the home.

Cleaning your bathroom doesn’t need to take a long time and be tedious. Here are some simple hacks to maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom without much anguish:

Bathtub cleaning: If you’re waiting until you have enough free time to clean your bathtub, that time may never come. What you can do is give your bathtub a simple cleaning while you take your daily shower. While you’re in the shower, use a dish wand filled with a little detergent and vinegar to scrub down the walls. Forget about setting aside the time to rinse afterward because everything will be self-cleaned by the time you end your shower. While this may not be considered a deep clean, it can keep the dirt from accumulating in your tub.

Fresh hand towels: Many homeowners want to display fancy hand towels in the bathroom, but the problem that is that hand towels get dirty pretty quickly. Save yourself a little bit of headache by getting rid of your decorative hand towels and invest in several inexpensive ones. Once a hand towel gets dirty, throw it in the wash and immediately replace it with a fresh one from your stack. It’s better to have clean towels free of bacteria than fancy ones.

Eliminate rust: Anything metallic that you put on the counter next to the sink tends to get rusty after a surprisingly small amount of time. You can solve that problem by making sure that your metallic containers do not come in contact with any water. Simply glue something onto the bottom of the metal container to elevate it from the wet countertop.

The dreaded toilet brush: You keep your toilet brush in its holder after using it, but after a while, the wet toilet brush could begin to smell. It will also start harboring bacteria and germs. You can avoid this by putting a small amount of all-purpose cleaner at the bottom of the holder. Each time you take the toilet brush out, it will smell fresh, and you can be sure that it is germ-free.

Schedule your deep cleaning: If you can spend time keeping your car clean and shiny, you should be able to make time to deep clean your bathroom somewhat regularly. To ease the burden of deep cleaning, make it a point to give your bathroom a clean wipe daily, spray some disinfectant, and remove the clutter each day.

As you enjoy the fresh smell and clean looks of your bathroom, you will no longer hate the idea of cleaning it.