A Small List of DIY Kitchen Cupboard Updates

Every now and then people get tired of their surroundings. That’s perfectly fine. In fact, some humans say it’s healthy to be bored because it leads to creative thought. Now the trick is accessing that creativity, then channeling it into something productive. There are tons of things you could do, but one idea that not only lets out that inner artist but gets rid of your boring kitchen cabinets is remodeling.

A Small List of DIY Kitchen Cupboard Updates

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There are literally thousands, if not millions, of ideas, though. So lest you get overwhelmed, here is a relatively small list of DIY projects that will give you a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to a kitchen update.

Add paint

This is obvious. The first thing many people think of when redoing their cabinetry is the paint. However, it’s a simple, effective idea for breathing new life into your kitchen. Painting can completely change the theme, feel or warmth of an entire room. And there are so many things you could do. Plus, you can bring the whole family in on it.

  • Do some touch-up.

There are times when you don’t even need to change things. You can use the exact same color you had before, especially if you liked it. You can get rid of chips, scratches or other blemishes rather simply. It’s still a good idea to do some sanding, though; there could be oily residues from cooking, and it helps the paint stick better.

  • Change it up.

Really changing the colors can add some major variety to your house. A lot of people like barn themes in their kitchens. If you’re one, go ahead. You can paint everything a farm-themed color. You could go with red, though that really pops, so be careful. Yellow is also good for farm themes.

Or you could avoid a theme and just go for simple colors and ideas like gray. These help add some contrast to white walls and really bring in a classy look.

Other things people often don’t think of is two-toned color schemes. For example, you could paint the bottom fourth of the cupboard black and the rest white, in a nice, even horizontal line. It’s simple yet striking.

  • Get creative in other ways.

One idea that’s quite popular is chalkboard paint. Once applied, you can make a weekly meal calendar, a “honey-do list,” or just a safe place for your kids to draw.

Change the face

Paint isn’t the only thing you can do to make some changes to a dated kitchen. Some ideas include adding texture or perspective.

  • Change the doors entirely.

Going back to the barn theme, some people take what look like recycled barn doors and turn them into cupboards. It really helps change up the theme, if that’s what you’re going for. You can even make them weathered looking to add rustic flair.

  • Change the design.

A lot of kitchens have slab cupboards, which is just blocks of wood. If you want to add some texture to the whole room, make them shakers. That’s just where the doors have a nice, simple frame around the edges, typically about ¼ inch thick.

Others like an open feel and look to their doors. What some enjoy doing is getting rid of the majority of the cupboard doors and just sticking with its frame. From there you add some chicken wire. It opens up the looks of it all and adds a nice country feel. Another option for open cabinetry is adding glass instead of chicken wire. It’s a little more modern and gets a similar look.

Update the hardware

Maybe they’re gold, maybe they’re copper. Either way, your kitchen has probably had those cupboard handles and hinges for years upon years. A sure way to change things up is by changing those. Some colors that are coming into popularity are bronze and black. They can add a really nice contrast to light-colored cabinets.

Add some accents

To finish off our small list of DIY projects for your kitchen cupboards, we want to mention simple accents. These are some fun and attractive ideas that can really add pizzazz to your home.

If you have some uncovered cupboard ends, you can add some nice designs. Let’s go back to our barn theme here. To further the look, you can add a stereotypical “X” made of wood and nailed on. Or you can go with something new like carving the space landing and nailing that to the side of your cupboards. Get creative. This is your space, make it so.

Another accent that can be really versatile is LED tape lighting. You can put these up inside the cupboards to help light what you can’t see or just to add a nice ambiance. Another plus is that you can change the colors, so you can go with green for St. Patrick’s Day, orange for Halloween or green and red for Christmas.

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