Advantages of Wall Beds

Consider these scenarios:

Your new home is just perfect—except that it needs one more bedroom. There’s a modest room that could work, but it feels a little too crowded with a bed in it.

You have designated one room in your home as a study, but lately, you’ve been having a lot of company—with more to come. You don’t want to give up your study on a permanent basis, but you do want a comfy and private place for your guests to stay.

Advantages of Wall Beds

Do not think of calling it quits just yet, because a wall bed may save the day.

Wall beds, also referred to as Murphy beds, have been around for a long time, and they do a darn good job of fitting into cramped spaces. These gems work with a spring action that locks the bed when you fold it into the wall. For extra security, you can put a little lock to secure the bed on the wall. It is not about a certain design but the concept of these beds that makes them so appealing to small space owners.

Whether you place them in your bedroom or utilize them as guest beds, wall beds offer the following benefits.

Space Saver

The great thing about Murphy beds is that they have a small footprint when folded. This is why people choose Murphy beds when they have space constraints in their room. Having a Murphy/wall bed means that you can still have a sizeable bed in the room, but it can be folded whenever you need space. You can use this idea for the guest bedroom or to add extra sleeping space in any room of your house. Wall beds are also ideal for small condos and apartments where owners are cramped for adequate space.


Another advantage of Murphy beds is that they can be very affordable. A customized wall bed solution will run you a little more money than a standard one that you can purchase online or at a furniture store, but considering that they are highly adaptable and enable you to get a lot of leverage out of your space, they’re often worth the splurge.


Besides allowing for multi-purpose rooms, wall beds are also a stylish addition to your home. From the color and texture, drawer pulls and cabinetry, there are a lot of extra features to have fun with. The beds fold up in different ways, too, so there’s even more room for creativity where storage is concerned.

Best Option in its Category

There are lots of sleeping options that won’t occupy permanent floor space, but the Murphy tends to be the crowd favorite. It uses the idle space on the wall but also lets you organize your house without compromising on essential furniture. In addition, we like to think of them as a no-brainer way to keep your bedroom neat. As the bed won’t be folded out on a regular basis, you won’t develop the habit of throwing your mess and laundry all over it. Here’s to clutter-free spaces!

Ideal for Children’s Rooms

House guests are not the only ones who can benefit from wall beds. You can implement this idea in your children’s room so that they have ample space to play during the day. It’s the best of both words: plenty of work and play space in the day and a comfy bed at night. Some designers even install a desk below the bed that can spring up when the bed is folded into the wall. The options are endless.

Tips to Choose a Wall Bed

The main thing you need to check before getting a wall bed is your wall’s size. Wall sizes can help you choose between a king, queen, double or twin-sized wall bed. The cool thing about these beds is that they can be unscrewed, packed and taken along if you decide to change homes.

Another thing to note before getting a wall bed is the space around the bed. Once the wall bed has sprung open, you should have some space to walk. Moreover, the door should not slam into the bed, so make sure to consider these factors before you make a purchase.

Customized options for wall beds let you choose the wood finish, wood type, cabinetry around the bed, storage options, built-in lighting and headboard. If you move into a new house, the bed can be disassembled and placed in the new space with minimal changes. Wall beds add a new room to your house and never stop adding value to your interior.

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