April Fool’s Pranks for Homeowners

Pranks are expected around every corner on April Fool’s Day. What better place to start this than at your own home? After all, harmless pranks on family are often the easiest to get away with and the funniest to watch unfold.

April Fool's Pranks for Homeowners

Below is a list of prank favorites that some of our customers contributed from a recent survey.

  • Start at the bathroom. Cover a bar of soap in the shower with clear nail polish and return it to its place. When a family member reaches for it and they start lathering up they’ll be wondering why there, in fact, is no later action going on.
  • Who hasn’t heard of putting a rubber band around the kitchen sink’s spray nozzle? When the unsuspecting victim turns on the faucet they’ll get a refreshing wakeup blast of water.
  • Who wouldn’t want to win the lottery? Why not fake it? You can record the lottery drawing from the nightly news and make sure you record a few minutes before the actual draw. Buy the ticket for those numbers afterwards. Leave the ticket at the table where everyone can see it then start playing the recording. Tell your victim to check out the numbers in your ticket if they match the winning ones announced in the draw. They’ll be overjoyed! Afterwards, not so much.
  • Parents – are your kids heavy sleepers? After they call it a night, switch them to different bedrooms. Watch as they awake in confusion.
  • Who doesn’t love syrup with their pancakes? How about syrup inside soap dispensers?

Thanks to everyone that submitted the fun at-home pranks. Do you have an April Fools’ Day tradition?These are some of the funny and witty pranks you can pull at home. Happy April Fool’s!