Auburn, Washington

Auburn is a city with areas settling in two counties – King County and Pierce County. The majority of the land area is within the former. The diverse landscape of Auburn makes it an attractive place for Interior Remodel Specialists to offer general contracting services.

The city of Auburn has 70,180 residents, 26,058 households, and 17,114 families, says the census of 2010. Auburn has 27,834 housing units at an average density of 939.7 per square mile, and a population density of 2,369.3 per square mile.

Business in Auburn, Washington

For more than 150 years, Auburn has played two historical roles in Washington. First is being a vibrant agricultural community, and second is being the core of business and industry. Back then, Auburn was mostly farmland but transitioned into a modern town during the post-war era.

The progress became vivid when the Boeing Company constructed an enormous facility in 1963. Eventually, most farms were converted to industrial use. And in
1995, the SuperMall of the Great Northwest was erected in the valley, attracting many consumers from the Puget Sound region.

Auburn, Washington Arts & Culture

A famous museum known as “The White River Valley Museum” is one of Auburn’s most renowned art centers. It features the city’s rich history, from being a Native American settlement to a progressive 1920 town.

Visitors can witness exhibits depicting the culture of the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, the immigration from Europe and Japan, pioneer life, the construction of 1924 downtown Auburn, as well as some traditional activities such as truck farming and railroading. They can also visit the White River Amphitheater – a 20,000-seat venue, situated about three miles east of the city.

Auburn also offers cultural arts programming for public arts, visual arts, performing arts, and special events.

Auburn, Washington Outdoor

The city has an impressive system of parks, urban trails, and open spaces. It prides its 28 developed parks, almost 247 acres of open space for active and passive recreation, as well as the over 23 miles of trails – included is the city’s 4.5-mile portion of the Inter-urban Trail for skaters, bikers, runners,
and walkers.

Aside from parks and trails, Auburn also provides recreational activities for its citizens, encouraging the public to participate in diverse programs that foster social relationships, leisure, fitness, and wellness. The city offers gymnasium for open gym and takes charge in organizing related activities.