Avoid These Home Remodeling Pitfalls

Considering a home remodel project? Hiring a contractor can help things run smoothly, especially if you are new to the remodeling experience. Building contractors should be respectful. They can give helpful input but should defer to you on the final decision, as it is ultimately your dollar that is funding the remodel.

Avoid These Home Remodeling Pitfalls

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The success of your project may be affected by how well you work with your contractor. Here are just a few mistakes to avoid as you embark on your remodeling project:

  • Don’t buy your own materials – Many people believe that purchasing their own materials is a good way to save money. They may fear that contractors will mark up the cost of items to make an extra buck. What most people don’t know is that contractors often get special pricing from suppliers, so even if they mark up the cost, you will still be paying the same (and saving yourself lots of hassle).
  • Be cautious about changing your mind – Everyone changes their mind, and that is certainly your prerogative. Be mindful, however, that if you change your mind too much, it could derail the timetable of your project and could drive up the cost.
  • Don’t delay decisions – Delaying a decision on what color to use or what fixture to install could adversely affect the momentum of the work. While hasty decisions are problematic, dragging your feet for too long is a bad idea as well.
  • Make sure you have a slush fund – If your renovation estimates call for a certain amount of money, don’t start the project until you have extra on hand. Most construction projects exceed their budget. Contingencies cannot be avoided, and it’s important that you can cover their costs.
  • Don’t be a distraction – If you monopolize your contractor by calling them with every last concern, you’ll be cutting into their time to work on your project.
  • Be gone if possible – It’s often less stressful for you and your work crew if you can avoid being underfoot. Some families even move out of the home for the remodel. It’s fine to be present to supervise major milestones with the renovation, but it can also be advantageous to allow your crew some space.

If you live in the King County area, contact a Redmond remodeling contractor. Good communication in advance of your Redmond home remodeling project can ensure a good working relationship with your contractor as well as a final project that you can be proud of.