Bathroom Remodel Dos & Don’ts

Remodeling your bathroom requires a lot of planning. You can start by making a detailed list of what you want to replace, what you need to improve, and what you can discard. Look online or in magazines to get ideas for your layout and style.

Bathroom Remodel Dos & Don’ts

(Pixabay / jarmoluk)

To help steer your remodel project, here are some dos and don’ts to consider.

Definite dos:

  • Include unexpected costs in your budget – Make to sure to plan for unanticipated expenses. Remember that you are not building from scratch but merely remodeling. As you progress with the project, you might find things that need replacement, or things may break in the course of the remodel. Consider hiring a professional contractor to look for potential problem issues before you get started. It’s important to have a budget, but make sure it has some “wiggle room” for surprise expenditures.
  • Opt for a high-end, water-efficient shower – The shower is a focal point of any bathroom. Homeowners can spend money to create a large and elegant shower area, with high-end showerheads, steam generators, and body sprayers. You can buy resort-like shower accessories that are fancy and water-efficient at the same time. A luxury shower can be expensive, but it often pays off in augmenting resale value.
  • Choose appropriate surfaces – In deciding on the kind of flooring and countertops you want in your bathroom, consider large tiles that will eliminate grout lines, or better still, use concrete with no grout lines at all. Less grout means easier cleaning.

Definite don’ts:

  • Do not rush – You will not get the bathroom that you desire if you hurry the remodeling job along. Remember that the bathroom involves small and delicate parts that must be installed or assembled carefully.
  • Do not skimp on skilled labor – Don’t hesitate to hire an expert to install something that requires a high degree of skill. Going with a novice could derail the remodel job.
  • Don’t cut corners on important materials – If something needs to be added or installed, don’t go around it by trying to improvise in order to save money. If your attempt fails, you will likely be spending more to fix it than to do it right the first time.

Make sure to consult remodeling professionals before starting any work in your bathroom. It will save you money and headaches down the line.