Bathroom Remodeling Cost Estimate

When people think of remodeling their home, their mind goes to making updates to either the bathroom or kitchen. Remodeling either of those areas can raise the value of the house, but these renovations can be expensive. If you want to increase the value of your home, but have a tight budget, renovating your bathroom may be the better of the two options.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost Estimate

(Pixabay / jeanvdmeulen)

If you are just updating a few things in your bathroom, it’s relatively inexpensive. However, an overhaul of your bathroom can range from $6,000 to $15,000. The price will depend on which bathroom you choose to remodel. Making changes in the master bathroom will be more expensive than other bathrooms in the house because of sheer size.

Homeowners who are planning to remodel a bathroom should take extra care when setting up their budget. Depending on what kind of features they want to install, costs can add up quickly. If you are planning on adding specific features to your bathroom, you should look at different options beforehand and estimate their costs. You will have to balance the need to be financially prudent with the need to maintain a high level of quality. If you pick top-caliber elements that are made well, they will last longer and add value if you choose to sell your home later.

Here’s a list of costs you can expect for remodeling your bathroom:

  • Installation of a bathtub —$400 to $8,000
  • Installation of cabinets —$1,200 to $13,000
  • Installation of countertops —$900 to $6,500
  • Installation of flooring —$800 to $7,000
  • Installation of lighting fixtures —$120 to $4,000
  • Installation of a shower —$450 to $10,000
  • Installation of a sink —$190 to $6,500
  • Installation of a toilet —$130 to $780

Unless you are building a new bathroom from scratch, you shouldn’t have to pay for all of these things. If features in your bathroom are still in good shape and usable, and complement your new scheme, you should keep them and only purchase what you absolutely need to replace. Also, keep in mind that you can add smaller features into your bathroom that can change the look, but are inexpensive. For example, you can refinish cabinets or replace faucets.

You don’t need the most expensive options to make a beautiful bathroom. As you look for features that will help you create the bathroom of your dreams, keep in mind that what is expensive isn’t necessarily high-quality. Also be sure that all the features you pick go well with each other. If you keep these things in mind, you will have a beautifully renovated bathroom for a reasonable price.