The Beauty of an Easter Brunch

A lazy Sunday is a perfect day to have family come over and enjoy good food. Few things speak to being more relaxing than a brunch with friends and family on a peaceful Easter morning. Here are some tips to maximize the efficiency of your home for a pleasant Easter with loved ones.

The Beauty of an Easter Brunch

Easter Sunday is the perfect day to hold a brunch party for the family. Any Sunday for that matter has is a good day to serve brunch. Brunches are great because they give you enough time to prepare the dishes and the set-up the table. Simple flower arrangements add appeal and buffet style food will always bring out a happy vibe which is perfect for the occasion.

The good thing about brunch is that you do not need to stress yourself out preparing elaborate dishes. For brunch, the simpler the better. Meals usually include eggs, bread, dairy, cold cuts, fruits and vegetables, omelets, sandwiches, pancakes, toast, and salads. As always, there seems to be a preference for egg-based dishes, especially for Easter.

In addition to prepping the food, you will want to have the house cleaned. Brunch allows you to decorate for fun. If white is not your thing, then you can play around with table linens of different colors. To add to the occasion, scatter some painted Easter eggs and flower petals on the tables, counters, and within your custom maple cabinets. You can also cut out Easter bunny foot marks that you can stick to the floors which lead your guests to the brunch area.

What is the perfect way to end a brunch meal? The answer – dessert. It does not get any better than having a slice of tiramisu or a mouthful of that sinfully delicious cheesecake or a plateful of tasty all-American apple pie.

And last, what is Easter without an egg hunt for the children? Brunch is the perfect time to have an egg hunt.