The Beauty of a Small Kitchen

If you are living in cramped quarters—whether in a shotgun house or a high-rise apartment—you will likely have to deal with the challenges of a small kitchen. You may worry about feeling too claustrophobic to enjoy your time in the kitchen, but there’s hope. With a little ingenuity, you can make even the smallest of kitchens work for you.

The Beauty of a Small Kitchen

(Pixabay / ErikaWittlieb)

Try these tips:

  • “Let there be light” – A combination of task and atmospheric lighting can brighten up your small kitchen, giving the illusion that it is bigger. Spotlighting directed at the cabinets will increase the shadowing of the space to create appealing light and dark contrasts.
  • Minimize your kitchen’s contents – Typically, the kitchen is the nerve center of all the activities in the house. In addition to its basic function of meal preparation, the kitchen is often where members of the family socialize, sort the laundry, check the mail, search for recipes, and more. If your kitchen is small, though, you will need to devote it solely to cooking and shift other functions elsewhere in the house. This means that you will only store things related to meal preparation in the kitchen and get rid of other odds and ends that could clutter up your space.
  • Open it up – Many homeowners fill up a small kitchen with plenty of overhead cabinets to increase storage space, but that’s a surefire way to “shrink” a kitchen. Eliminating overhead cabinets will make a kitchen look bigger and feel freer.
  • Incorporate glass – Incorporating glass into the kitchen to make things see-through will enhance the feeling of spaciousness. Installing a glass countertop, tabletop, and glass cabinet doors help the kitchen look more airy and elegant.
  • Invite nature in – As you choose your colors, think of Earth themes. Incorporate wood, natural greenery, and clean white or sky blue paint. This can help invoke the spaciousness of the great outdoors.

With deliberate planning, even a tiny space can be converted into a beautiful, functional, and welcoming kitchen.