Bellevue, Washington

Characterized as being an edge city, a satellite city, and boomburb, Bellevue is considered one of Washington’s most progressive cities. Bellevue is also Seattle’s largest suburb, and the State’s sixth wealthiest among 522 communities. The booming economy in Bellevue makes for a great opportunity for Interior Remodel Specialists to support commercial remodeling needs.

With a thriving residential community, too, Bellevue is the home of 122,363 people, says the 2010 census. The number of households tallied 50,355. And about 32,145 families were occupying the city. The recorded population density was 3,827.4 inhabitants per square mile. Average family size was 2.97;household size was 2.41.

Business in Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue is the headquarters of numerous business empires, mostly technology startups formed in the 1990s. The city’s thriving commercial districts include Bellevue Square, Overlake Shopping District, Factoria, and Crossroads Mall.

CNNMoney bestowed Bellevue the number one spot on the 2008 list of the best places to live and launch a business. In 2010, they ranked the city fourth best place to live in the United States. Also, the USA Today rewarded Bellevue as the second best place to live.

Bellevue, Washington Arts & Culture

Bellevue hosts the renowned annual Bellevue Arts and Crafts Fair, which was first initiated on July 1947. Another artistic event is the biennial Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition – an occasion that has been captivating visitors since 1992, showcasing eye-popping three-dimensional artworks from different artists.

Famous arts and historical centers also abound in Bellevue. Among them are the Bellevue Arts Museum and The KidsQuest Children’s Museum. One of the most popular is The Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art (now closed) – a museum showcasing various doll collections from all over the world.

Aside from artistic exhibitions and museums, the city also holds an annual Strawberry Festival. It’s a celebration honoring the rich strawberry farminghistory of Bellevue.

Bellevue, Washington Outdoors

Interior Remodel Specialists supports renewable resources. One of the best things about Bellevue is being consistent in protecting their environment. The city has been taking extra precautions and safety measures in sustaining its natural land and water resources. Pollution is a big NO in Bellevue.

The continuous environmental protection has resulted in the development of more parks and open spaces. With the help of Bellevue Parks and Community Services Department, the city is now the home of 2,500 acres of parks, playgrounds, beach parks, trails, and several open spaces. Some of the most visited spots are the Downtown Park and the Bellevue Botanical Garden.