The Benefits of Adding an Island to Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most used and visited part of the house. Though its primary designation may be for food preparation, family members and guests typically congregate there, making it the unofficial conference room of the home. Enhancing the kitchen for both cooking and social interaction is often worth the time and money.

The Benefits of Adding an Island to Your Kitchen

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The kitchen island is a functional addition to any kitchen. There are a couple of options if you want an island: freestanding or permanent. A freestanding island is an inexpensive and flexible way of adding an island. A permanent version will, of course, cost more and allow for less flexibility in terms of space and layout.

If you’re considering adding an island to your kitchen, whether freestanding or permanent, here are a few benefits:

  • The island adds storage – Most homeowners bemoan a lack of storage space in their kitchen. Installing a kitchen island will instantly provide more cabinets or drawers.
  • The island adds workspace – Cooking and food preparation require flat surfaces. If you are low on surface space, however, you could be in a bind. The kitchen island will provide additional room for chopping, kneading, and mixing. If you opt for a mobile island, you can wheel it closer to the stovetop or wherever else you are working.
  • The island accommodates amenities – The island makes way for new features that you may want to add to your kitchen, including a cooktop, microwave, refrigerator drawer, and more. If you need more seating in the kitchen, you could even pull a few stools up to your island.

If you are looking to do a kitchen remodel in Seattle, ask remodeling experts near you about the feasibility of adding an island. Then, make arrangements with your remodeling contractor in Seattle to start working on your kitchen upgrade plans.