Designer Cabinets

Interior Remodel Specialists installs gorgeous, high-quality cabinetry in custom configurations.

Birch Cabinets

We proudly offer quality crafted cabinetry at an amazing price.  You’ll appreciate the durability and elegance that comes with our custom birch cabinets.


Cabinet Details:

Each cabinet goes through a rigorous process to ensure quality and fine craftsmanship.


Cabinet Finishes

  1. The finest birch wood is sanded until smooth and then vacuumed.
  2. An equalizer stain is applied to balance the base color of the wood.
  3. Toner is applied to establish color uniformity.
  4. A deep penetrating stain is applied to reveal the hidden beauty of the natural grain.
  5. All stained surfaces are hand-rubbed and wiped of excess stain, and then air-dried.
  6. A wood sealer is applied, penetrating all exposed wood surfaces for uniform protection.
  7. All surfaces are then hand-sanded, providing a smooth, consistent surface.
  8. A glaze is applied by hand (if applicable).
  9. Color consistency examination is performed with additional touch-up if needed.
  10. A final protective top coat is applied, maximizing resistance to scuffing, moisture, fading and most household chemicals.

Cabinet Construction

  1. Full overlay door panel, 3/4″ thick door panel
  2. 4 to 6-way adjustable European hidden metal hinges (optional soft-close hinges)
  3. Adjustable, 3/4 shelf, 5/8″ thick cabinet-grade plywood, metal shelf rests
  4. Dovetail drawer, 1/2″ thick solid wood slides
  5. Full extension, under-mounted, soft-close steel concealed drawer glides
  6. 1/2″ thick cabinet grade plywood
  7. Metal bracket reinforcements for base cabinets

Wall Cabinets

The box construction for All Wall Cabinets will be the same and will consist of 1/2″ Plywood with a Half Dovetail connection of the End Panels into the Front Frame (See Exhibit “A”).  All Wall Cabinets will also include 6 Way Adjustable Soft Close Hinges (See Exhibit “B”).  Natural Interiors and End Panels (Optional finished end skins required), 5/8″ Adjustable Shelving.



Base Cabinets

1/2″ Plywood with a Half Dovetail connection of the end panels into the front frame (See Exhibit “A”), 6 Way Adjustable Soft Close Hinges (See Exhibit “B”), 5/8″ Dovetail Drawer box (See Exhibit “C”), Full Extension Soft Close Drawer Guides (See Exhibit “D”), Natural Interior and Exterior End Panels (Optional finished end skins required), 5/8″ Adjustable Shelving.

EnPointe Cabinets

Cabinet Assembly Specifications

We know that a well planned home is one that is not only visually stimulating but functional as well. To ensure that our products and services exceed your expectations, we have added accessories that our competitors don’t offer. We understand that furniture quality cabinetry can add beauty to any room in your home.

Our locking mechanism provides a seamless overall appearance which stays true to modern European aesthetics, as opposed to using screws and nails which compromises the look of the piece.

Our interior shelving has safety locking mechanisms which allow them to be easily adjusted by the right parties. Our shelves have a metal banding which not only reinforces them, allow for more storage capabilities, but also has a raised edge that stops unwanted items from rolling.