Call an HVAC Professional Before Summer Starts

Sure, you love DIYs. But as much as you want to tinker and fix things around the house, there are some tasks that you need to let the professionals do. Some tasks like cleaning, maintaining, and repairing your home’s cooling system should be handled by the professionals. And, let’s face it. We’ve all tackled a DIY project at least once and ended up making it worse. Who wants to shell out more money for repairs when it could have been done right and for cheaper the first time. Your HVAC system and air conditioner are among the types of tasks to leave to a professional. Needless to say, a malfunctioning air conditioner won’t do you good in beating the searing summer heat.

Call an HVAC Professional Before Summer Starts

Still want to tackle at least some part of your HVAC maintenance? Here are a few things that you can do at home.

• The filters of your furnace should be checked, cleaned, or replaced. Dust and other impurities collect in the filters, eventually interrupting the air flow of your system. Hence, you need to make sure that your system is not clogged to give you optimal cooling performance. More so, clogged filters make your air conditioner work harder and longer than it has to otherwise, leading to an increased use of energy and higher utility bills.

• The air compressors should be checked. Check your outside air compressor to ensure that there are no plants, shrubs or other obstructions blocking your A/C. This will allow maximum air flow.

• Adjust your thermostat. Check your thermostat each change of season to ensure that you’re not wastefully scheduling use of your furnace or air conditioner during times that you’re not even home.

After the checkup and maintenance of your home’s air conditioning system, schedule regular maintenance to stay ahead of the curve. Although skipping a maintenance check may save you money in the short-run, do you want to risk having a malfunctioning cooling and heating system when you need it most? The last thing you want is to call in a rush when a hot day strikes, only to find out there’s a two week wait because everyone else had the same problem, too. It is best to have an HVAC tune-up at each change of the season, or at least annually.