Carpet or Hardwood?

The current trend in home flooring leans towards replacing carpet with hardwood. Hardwood flooring is widely used in new constructions, especially in the living room and kitchen areas. Many homeowners who have carpet throughout their home are looking to remodel and replace their carpet with hardwood.

Carpet or Hardwood?

(Pixabay / midascode)

If you’re considering making the switch to hardwood, here are a few benefits:

  • Timeless – Carpet colors and styles change, but hardwood has been in fashion for hundreds of years. If you don’t love the shade of your hardwood, you can always re-stain it. Carpet must simply be removed.
  • Drives up resale value – You’ll be able to charge more for your home when you go to resell if it has hardwood. Most people report being able to recover their initial hardwood flooring investment. You may also be able to claim the addition as a capital improvement which amounts to lower taxes on your investment.
  • More durable – Carpet rarely lasts more than a decade, but some homes have hardwood floors that have been around for a couple hundred years. And you don’t have to pay for yearly carpet cleanings.
  • Easier on your allergies – If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, they would likely benefit from hardwood flooring, which doesn’t trap indoor allergens like carpet can.
  • Simpler repair jobs – Spills and scrapes happen, regardless of the type of flooring. If you get a stain on the carpet that won’t come out, you generally have to rip all of the carpet out and replace it. With hardwood flooring, you can usually remove and replace just the affected boards.

Talk to a Seattle home remodeling contractor who can help you with a cost-benefit analysis for replacing carpet with hardwood flooring.