Cheapest Bathroom Remodel

Updating your bathroom doesn’t have to involve gutting the room and replacing everything. There are smalls things you can do to help improve the look of your bathroom that are inexpensive and don’t require as much work or time.

Cheapest Bathroom Remodel

(Pixabay / Bru-nO)

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, but have a tight budget, here are easy things you can do:

  • Design your own bathroom — Many people who remodel their bathroom hire someone to come up with the remodeling ideas for them. If you have an eye for design, consider doing that work yourself. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars by using your creativity and taking some extra time to visit showrooms.
  • Use low-cost substitutes — You may be tempted to put the finest things you can find in your bathroom, but you don’t have to buy the most expensive features out there. While you shouldn’t scrimp on quality, you can search for options that are just as nice. For example, you don’t necessarily need granite countertops in your bathroom, when a quality laminate countertop looks just as good.
  • Cover and re-surface — If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. While you may be tempted to replace everything in the room, you can often repurpose things. For example, instead of getting rid of your bathroom cabinets, try refinishing them to give the bathroom a different look. Sometimes a simple touch-up can bring new life to your bathroom, without costing an arm and a leg.
  • Pre-fab shower — Refinishing is always an option for a shower or tub that needs some TLC; however, there comes a point where refinishing is not an option anymore. If that’s the case, consider using a pre-fab shower. Many showers use tile, which is nice but expensive to buy and install. If you want to save money, a pre-fab shower is your best bet.
  • Paint walls yourself — If your bathroom looks dull, a fresh coat of paint could do it some good. Instead of hiring a professional to paint the room, consider saving money by doing the job yourself.
  • DIY plumbing — If you have some skills in plumbing and are sure you won’t make any major mistakes, consider doing some plumbing work on your own. Using tools like PEX pipes and Sharkbite fittings can help you accomplish the job without too much plumbing know-how.
  • DIY vanity and top — Since bathroom vanities are small, it’s possible to install it yourself. If you feel confident in your abilities to put together a vanity unit, you can save yourself some money by installing it yourself. Many home improvement shops sell vanity kits to make your life easier.
  • Install your toilet — Putting in a new toilet is easier than you would think. Instead of calling a plumber to install your toilet, you can save money by installing it yourself.

While remodeling your bathroom can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. If you are willing to put in some time and effort, you can spruce up your bathroom without spending too much money.