Choosing the Right Deck for Your Home

Decks, often confused with patios, are flat, roofless surfaces that can be constructed outdoors and are usually enclosed by a railing. Decks are typically elevated above the ground and connected to a building. They can be made of materials such as pressure-treated lumber, redwood, tropical hardwoods, composites, and more. They are ideal for outdoor seating, dining, and barbecuing.

Choosing the Right Deck for Your Home

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There are different varieties of decks, which are determined by their relation to the house. Here’s a list of what you may want in a deck and the best options to match your specifications.

  • A raised patio? If you want a raised deck, a structure known as an attached deck is a fitting choice. They are much like patios except for that they are elevated. An attached deck is typically made of wood or composite materials. It is often located at the rear part of a U-shaped or L-shaped house and can serve as an outdoor connection between the different parts of the house.
  • A deck in the front of your home? An entryway deck is like a front porch, except that it is not covered. It can be composed of wood or composite steps and platforms with planter boxes or built-in benches. An entryway deck could be made of a few connected platforms that lead to the primary home entry.
  • A deck that is not connected to your home? As the name suggests, island decks can be built anywhere on your property because they are not connected to the house. They are accessible to the house through steps or a path. An island deck is a good option when the property directly around the home is uneven, rocky, or bumpy.
  • A deck that spans multiple levels? A multi-level deck is perfectly suited for a large home with variations in elevation. It features a series of decks that are connected—usually by steps. A multi-level deck is a good choice for properties with terrains and elevations that can’t accommodate anything but a raised wooden deck.
  • A deck that wraps around your home? – A wraparound deck can extend from one side of your home to another. It can be slightly elevated and uneven. This style of deck is popular on Japanese homes.
  • A deck that makes use of your side yard? – That walkway from your front yard to your back yard can be a waste of space, so why not maximize it? Build a side yard deck and turn the area into a secluded place for lounging, reading, or eating.
  • A deck for your swimming pool? – A swimming pool deck provides a slip-resistant area for swimmers and sunbathers. The surface of the deck can keep the ground cool so that people can walk across it without burning their feet on scorching days.

A deck adds beauty and living space to a home and can drive up your resale value as well.