Christmas Kitchen Décor Ideas

The holiday season is full to bursting with all kinds of traditions, but decorating is one of the most visible ways of celebrating. Traditionally, people have focused their holiday décor in the front room or the living room of the house because that is where friends and family tend to congregate. In recent years, and with more open floorplans, people are now starting to gather more in the kitchen. Though the kitchen is primarily a functional space, you can warm it up with some simple yet inviting decorations that are sure to make anyone feel at home.

Christmas Kitchen Décor Ideas

(Pixabay / BeHappyTravel)

There are plenty of Christmas decorating ideas that can add the spirit of Christmas to one of the busiest, if not the busiest, parts of the house:

  • Make it glow – A golden glow in the kitchen will accentuate the spirit of Christmas. You can bring this glow by lighting yellow Christmas lights and pillar candles on the countertops or kitchen island. The result will be a golden haze wherever you look.
  • Display your warm ingredients – Instead of buying Christmas displays for your table or countertops, go through your cupboards and look for some cozy items to brighten up your kitchen. Find a festive bowl, and fill it with ingredients to keep people warm – cinnamon, dried fruits, acorns, and pinecones. You might already have many of these things on hand in your cabinets, and quite a few more can be found outside. Go on a scavenger hunt and see what wintertime objects you can find.
  • Wake up and smell the pine trees – Real evergreen trees put off a delightfully full and sharp smell, but having a full-sized pine tree in your kitchen is not usually possible. If you want that fresh, pine scent, but you lack the space, put a small Fraser fir on your countertop or kitchen island. You can even decorate it with miniature ornaments and ribbons for added flair.
  • Decorate with your Christmas cookies – Setting out edible décor in the kitchen is a fun and visually appealing tradition. Put your sweet treats on a large tray in the middle of the kitchen for a decadent display of Christmas goodies. That way, your holiday guests can come into the kitchen and grab a bite.
  • Glitz up those pinecones – The open area above your kitchen shelves is a prime location for holiday decoration. Pinecones are a classic embellishment fresh off the tree, but you don’t have to stop there. Add silver or gold glitter to the pinecones and arrange them on top of the shelves for some added sparkle and shine.
  • Hang star lights under the cabinets – The space beneath the kitchen cabinets is often neglected. Make it come alive with holiday spirit by adding hanging star lights from the bottom of the upper cabinets.

These are sure to be a big hit and will bring some added warmth into your kitchen.
With a little bit of time and a few simple tricks, you can welcome the spirit of Christmas into your kitchen.