Cramped Kitchen? Try These Tips to Maximize Your Space

The kitchen is the so-called heart of the home—the place where family members and guests congregate to eat, talk, and celebrate good times together. If your kitchen is small, however, you may find yourself wanting to avoid it.

Cramped Kitchen? Try These Tips to Maximize Your Space

(Pixabay / hansbenn)

If you are ready to renovate, you may be able to tear down walls and open up your kitchen space. If not, there are a number of things that you can do to make the most efficient use of your space.

  • Add a compact island – You can order a custom-made kitchen island to fit your limited space. There are a number of options for your island. You can add a sink if your plumbing allows for it or use it for workspace. If you need more storage, make sure that it contains drawers or cabinets—or both. If you want the option to open up your kitchen to accommodate guests, choose a portable island with wheels that you can roll in and out of the kitchen as needed.
  • Switch to a new sink design – Installing a single-bowl sink will save a lot of countertop space, which could be used for other purposes. A double-bowl sink is a nice luxury, but it is not a necessity. Counter space is often more useful. You can also choose an undermount sink. It will provide more workspace on either side of the basin because the edges of the sink are hidden.
  • Downsize your appliances – Your kitchen will look even smaller when you try to cram big appliances into tight spaces. Choosing small kitchen appliances will make your kitchen appear more spacious.
  • Turn wall space into storage – Pictures are lovely, but if you are low on space, opt for wall-mounted storage instead.
  • Taller cabinets – Why waste space above your cabinets? Choose cabinets that extend all the way up to your ceiling.
  • Pullout pantry – If your kitchen can’t accommodate a conventional pantry, add a pullout version.

A small kitchen can be frustrating, but you’ll be surprised at how far a few small improvements can go in adding storage space and making your kitchen look and feel larger.