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Deck addition with benches, stairs, and handrail

A deck is a great addition to any home. It serves as a nice place to spend your lazy afternoons while sipping a cup of your favorite tea. Just imagine enjoying after-dinner relaxations as you free yourself from the days stress and prepare for a calm evening with your family. Your home deck also provides additional functional space, which is ideal when you are entertaining guests. Summer months are the perfect opportunity for you and your company to grill, socialize, or simply take in some fresh air. Building a deck, however, is not as easy as throwing a few boards together. You need to take some things into consideration in order to achieve the kind of deck that is perfect for you and your family. With a free estimate from Interior Remodel Specialists’ home remodeling contractors, you’ll become an expert in understanding your deck building options in no time.


The Right Size Deck

So many factors play a role when deciding on the size of your deck. First, what are you wanting to accomplish with building a deck? If you want to entertain then your deck needs to be large enough to comfortably accommodate your guests. Second, how much space do you then need in relation to your house and available yard space? A large deck on a small house or a tiny deck in a large house can create an awkward appearance. Our professional deck contractors will help you take in the whole picture of how your entire home will look like once your dream deck is built.

North, South, East, or West?

If you want to enjoy the summer breeze, you may want to place your deck where the prevailing winds come from. However, you might also consider how strong that wind tends to be. What do you do if you want to enjoy a breeze but it is strong enough to blow away any outdoor furniture, disrupt your morning newspaper read, or could blow away paper plates while grilling. Our remodeling contractors can help you understand the positioning of your deck construction or if you need to consider a windbreaker in the design of your deck. That way you can still enjoy the breeze, yet not be disturbed too much.

Sun or Shade?

Think of when you want to spend most of your hours on the deck. Would it be during the mornings or afternoons? If you love going out in the afternoon, then you’ll want to consider placing your deck where the sun won’t be too overwhelming. Maybe you want to enjoy the sunsets though. Or, perhaps you’re more of a sunrise lover. With our free deck building estimates, our experts will help you decide.

Deck Materials

The materials you decide to use will determine how long your deck will last and how much maintenance you need to do to keep its pristine look. Popular favorites among deck construction materials are pressure-treated pine, cedar, and redwood, which all have a unique look that adds to the deck design. If you want to stain the wood, remember that you may have to apply a new coat every few years to keep it looking nice. Semi-transparent stains are also a popular choice, as they still show the natural grains of the wood while adding some longevity to the deck boards to hold up against the elements.

Interior Remodel Specialists is here to help you understand the deck construction process. Talk to one of our home remodeling experts today to help you build your dream deck.

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