DIY Bathroom Decor

If you feel that your bathroom looks tired and lifeless, it may be time for a makeover. If you don’t have a boundless budget, don’t worry. Even a few simple upgrades can make a big difference in helping you achieve a fresh, new look.

DIY Bathroom Decor

(Pixabay / La-Belle-Galerie)

Here are some do-it-yourself projects to spiff up your bathroom:

  • Display shelves – You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have beautiful display shelves in your bathroom. You can make them yourself using craft-store crates, which you can coat with your favorite color. Hang them with the flat side against the wall and the open side facing forward. You can also hang wire baskets for added storage space at a minimal cost.
  • Repurposed towel bars – If your towel rods are looking out-of-date, consider replacing them with repurposed items. You can use recycled packing palettes and old spigots for a vintage look. Anyone can buy a towel bar, but a repurposed one will add character to your bathroom.
  • Embellished shower curtain – Buying a designer shower curtain can be very expensive. Rather than splurging on a fancy curtain, purchase a plain, white shower curtain, and embellish it with different designs to suit your taste. You can easily go to your local fabric store and get some bright trim to liven up your curtain.
  • Sink skirt –Pedestal sinks are very popular today, especially when there is limited space in the bathroom. The downside of this type of sink, however, is that it provides no under-sink storage, and it also exposes the plumbing. To address these issues, try sewing a simple sink skirt. Choose fabric that will add panache to your bathroom.
  • Glammed-up ceiling – Most homeowners ignore the bathroom ceiling, but it provides a perfect surface for adding flair to your bathroom. Try stenciling the ceiling using a graphic pattern and some paint. A sleek and stylish ceiling can transform the ambiance of your bathroom.
  • DIY bathroom rug – You don’t have to buy a rug to add color to your bathroom. Why not use old t-shirts to make a recycled rug? The rug can be made with a series of knots. Add a plastic base, and you’ll have a trendy rug that won’t affect your bank account.

If you want to make more significant bathroom renovations, contact a Washington State home remodeling team. In the meantime, a few simple flourishes can liven up the space.