Do’s and Don’ts for Tiny Bathrooms

Do you find yourself complaining (or even bragging) about your “tiny bathroom?” Maybe you can’t blow dry your hair without your elbow knocking the wall. Or perhaps when you sit on the toilet, your knees nearly hit the wall.

Do’s and Don’ts for Tiny Bathrooms

(Pixabay / Klaise)

Your bathroom may seem unforgivably itty bitty, teeny tiny, but don’t give up on it just yet. The trick is to make the very most out of every square inch that you have to work with.

Here are a few pointers for making your small bathroom feel just a little bit more roomy.


Create clean surfaces. Cluttered windowsills or a crowd of lotions and potions will make any room feel smaller than it is.

Nowhere to put your stuff in your tiny bathroom? Instead of using open shelving or a shower caddy, which exposes an array of colors, shapes, and differently-sized bottles, purchase a cabinet with doors. Shutting your containers behind a cabinet door will create a more serene, spacious feel.


Don’t display an array of products along windowsills or counters.


Transform any area that contains ‘many’ items into an area that includes ‘one.’

For example, I used to keep a few toiletries and beauty supplies (contact solution, moisturizer, deodorant, and other such items) on my bathroom counter because my cupboard space is small and hard to reach. Recently I had the inspiration to place my many bathroom bottles into one square box.

My box is a simple, square plastic container that I found in the kitchen with my collection of plastic storage containers. Because I don’t use the lid for this plastic box, my bottles can all stand in an upright position within the box despite their different heights.

Although my bathroom counter holds just as many items as before, the counter appears bigger because there is only one item in the same space where there used to be many. As a bonus, wiping the bathroom counter is now quicker than ever. Instead of lifting each bottle one by one as I clean, I can lift my box all at once.

Another way to exchange “many” for “one” is to cover open shelving with a curtain. Whether the curtain is boutique or homemade, it will present a single visual surface to the eye, hiding what was likely an array of shapes and colors.


Don’t display many items when you could display one.


Remove labels. This is a Marie Kondo idea, an idea which I initially dismissed as too radical for me. The first time I tried removing labels, I did it as a joke. My kids were teasing me about my Marie-Kondo enthusiasm, and I was playing up my part for a laugh. In the end, though, I ended up thinking this idea was a keeper.

Many of our bathrooms contain exposed bottles and containers with labels that are chock-full of branding, printed information, and other advertising graphics. Many of these bottles remain our bathroom guests for weeks or months, along with the accompanying visual “noise.” Try removing the labels to create a cleaner, wider visual space in your bathroom. Or, purchase a set of inexpensive containers from a department store and transfer all your shampoo, face soaps, and moisturizers into matching bottles for a unified, elegant look.


Don’t become the unwitting victim of the visual “noise” created by the information and branding on your bathroom products.


Consider storing your bathroom cleaning supplies somewhere outside the bathroom. Unless you use these products daily, store these products in the laundry room, the hall closet, or anywhere other than your tiny bathroom. Place all your cleaning supplies in a small bin, so you can easily transport them wherever you need to use them.


Don’t store items in your bathroom that you don’t use daily or almost daily.

One other bonus tip. If you have a small amount of surface on either side of your sink, you may feel like you just don’t have enough counter space to spread out your cosmetics or hair products when you’re trying to get ready. Try purchasing some kind of surface to set over the sink—whether it be a stylish tray or a piece of plywood. That will give you more countertop to work with when you need it, and you can tuck it away when you don’t.

Use these do’s and don’ts to make your tiny bathroom something special. Living efficiently and deliberately will help you fall in love with the space that’s yours.