Effective Tips to Improve Your Home

New Year is the perfect time to make new goals, start a new venture, and develop new habits. Everything could be new. In addition to personal goals, why not make home improvement goals, too? Here is a helpful list of tips to maximize your living space and to make it more enjoyable.

Effective Tips to Improve Your Home

Annual HVAC Maintenance

This year, cut your energy cost by scheduling maintenance for your HVAC heating and cooling system. A regular inspection will not only save money on heating during the winter and cooling in the summer but will also help improve the performance and double the life of your unit.

Check or Change Air Filters

Another way of increasing your HVAC system’s performance is by inspecting your air filters regularly and change them as needed. In addition to reducing monthly utility bills by maximizing air flow, an efficient filter will also make your home more comfortable.

Repaint your Room

No need to get stuck with a bright fuchsia all year round. It’s time to paint your walls. Color changes give everything a fresh new look. Remodel and re-decorate. New colors. New paints.
Since it’s going to be a long winter, painting time could be your new past time. Why not? Here are some useful painting tips.

• Remove the grease; wash the wall
• Fix holes and cracks, use spackle or a flexible filler.
• Use sandpaper after using filler
• Use a good quality primer to maximize paint efficiency, put one or two coats
• Pick the color you want and repaint the wall with at least two coats
• On the final coat, paint during the daylight to look for missed or splotchy areas

Fix the Leaks in the Roof

Roofs may develop leaks years before any recommended replacement period. Cracked and missing shingles often cause these leaks. If left unrepaired, it may lead to serious home problems such as water damage or ruining of attic insulation.

Tidy up the Yard

Take time to trim smaller trees and shrubs around your yard. For big trees, consult a landscape professional. Clean up any garbage, leaves, and branches from the landscape. A little clean up in your yard can beautify your home surroundings.