Eight Closet Organization Hacks You Need to Try

Who doesn’t dream of having an organized closet? We all do. An organized closet allows us to know exactly what we have at all times. This prevents us from buying duplicate clothing or outfits that closely resemble what we already own. It also saves us time in trying to pick out the perfect ensemble without having to rummage through a cramped and cluttered space.

Eight Closet Organization Hacks You Need to Try

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Closets pull their fair share of weight around the home, hiding a windfall of “stuff.” But since their heavy lifting happens behind closed doors, it’s easy to let them get out of control.

If your closet isn’t as streamlined as you would like it to be, don’t give up hope just yet. No matter the current state of your closet, there are ways to organize and de-clutter that space to make it feel tidier than its default state. Here’s a list of some creative yet affordable closet organization hacks you can try:

1. Hang the bulky stuff

A lot of people store big items like sweatshirts in bins. That way, they can easily shuttle them into or out of the closet as needed, depending on the season. If you need those warm, bulky clothes to be accessible in the chilly months but don’t have room for bins, try installing a double closet rod at a lower height. This will allow you to create bigger hanging space and fill up an otherwise “dead” area. Just make sure to use caution when hanging sweaters. Materials such as wool and cashmere can stretch easily on hangers.

2. Bin it up

Upping the ante on our last hack, rotating your wardrobe is a great way to increase existing closet space. During the summer months, you’re unlikely to use those bulky coats, sweaters and boots, but they’re taking up so much space in your closet. The best thing to do in this situation is to get a hold of some storage bins and put away your winter wardrobe. This will free up a significant amount of space in your closet so that you don’t have to navigate through an avalanche of jackets just to get to your favorite dress or blouse. And if you’re out of room for storage bins, try the sleek, flat, under-the-bed versions that won’t take up valuable storage space elsewhere.

3. Shower-curtain rings

When organizing your closet, don’t be surprised if you see belts, scarves and even longer necklaces tangled up with other clothing items. This can make it difficult to find a matching accessory for your outfit when you’re in a hurry. Did you know that adding some shower-curtain rings to your closet is a quick fix with minimal effort on your end? You can attach individual shower rings to a hanger or to your closet door for an effective way to keep your accessories visibly organized. This will also prevent your scarves from getting all wrinkled up.

4. Pocket organizers

At some point in life, we’ve all been guilty of losing smaller jewelry pieces or socks because we allowed them to roam freely in our closets. However, what might seem like an overly simple hack for this situation is also pretty effective. Hanging up a pocket organizer on your closet door will save you the time and energy you spend trying to find a matching pair of socks or earrings. These come in varying sizes depending on the amount of utility you’re looking to derive from them. Some even have large enough pockets for you to store your shoes in.

5. Drawer Inserts

Did you know that you can increase the amount of storage space your closet provides while simultaneously making it more organized? Drawer inserts are the accessory that makes this possible. Drawer inserts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they’re effective at helping homeowners segment drawer space so you can store jewelry, eyewear, wallets, scarves, etc., separately. Drawer inserts can also help you to create more levels of storage in larger drawers that seem to have a lot of unutilized space (unless you’re keeping lots of folded outfits in them).

6. Closet Shelves

Do you have extra space above your closet rod that seems to be useful but doesn’t really serve any purpose? Well, here’s a simple hack that requires some work but will create added storage space in a place you’d never imagine. Install some shelves in the space above your closet rod to store folded clothing, shoes or bags. Doing so will help you increase the value you’re getting out of your closet real estate.

7. Chain hooks

Chain hooks are a fun hack if you want to avoid the effort to install another closet rod. You can increase the hanging space in your closet by attaching chain hooks, S hooks or soda tabs to your hangers. This will allow you to hang more clothes while only taking up one hangers’ worth of space on the closet rod. This is a great hack for people who have smaller closets and always feel like they’re running out of space in the hanging section.

8. Get a Styling Rack

Although this is not a hack for your actual closet, this will inadvertently help you keep your closet space more organized. You can plan your outfits out for the next few days and hang them on your rack. Since you won’t have to go rummaging through your closet in the mornings or whenever you’re in a hurry, you’ll be less likely to create a mess trying to find something you like enough to wear.

These are all great and affordable hacks for your closet, and most of them require only a one-time effort on your part. If you’ve got heaps of mess in your closet, take some time to apply these tips. And if you could use a little help to make your actual closet space more usable, consider a custom closet from a Seattle-area contractor.

Yes, closets are often hidden from sight, but a well-designed and organized closet can play a very conspicuous role in simplifying your daily life.