Fall is Coming….is Your Home Ready?

Cooler temperatures are settling in in most parts of the country, but before fall gets too far along, it is important that you get your home “cold ready.”

Fall is Coming….is Your Home Ready?

An important first step is to seal all cracks and gaps around windows and doors. Although these gaps may be small, they can render your heating system a lot less effective. The cold air from the outside will find its way to your interior. These gaps offer a “path of least resistance.” Once the cool air starts creeping in, your heater will have to work harder—and your bill will reflect it.

Here are a few other ideas for winterizing your home:

Clean your gutters. Clogging is usually caused by bunched up dirt and leaves in the gutter. It is important to clean your gutters. Clogs not only delay the flow of water, they might divert the water in a way that you will end up with a leaky roof. With snow on the way, you want the gutters to be free of obstructions and fully functioning. Also, make sure the gutter brackets are still intact.

Have your fireplace and chimney serviced. It’s probably best to call in the pros for this. The chimney is very hard to clean. Ask the cleaners to look at the damper to ensure that it can be closed totally.

Check all of your heaters. Make sure vents are free of dirt and dust and change your filters if necessary. Call for a yearly heating service. It may cost a bit but can avert disaster later.

Install storm windows. Storm windows fortify your main windows by giving them enough support against strong winds and rain.

Check your water heater. Water heaters should be flushed every year or two. Use a hose and pump to drain out the excess water. Then fill it again. If there’s debris in the water, drain and fill again until the water is clean and clear.

Inspect your roof. Roofs don’t hold up forever. Moisture, changing temperatures, and wind can all wreak havoc on roofing. It is recommended that you have your roof inspected before and after the most severe weather seasons.

Dedicate a weekend to getting your home ready for cooler days ahead. Then you can tuck in and stay comfy and cozy while knowing that your home is prepared for winter.