Get Involved this World Oceans Day

Every year, World Oceans Day is celebrated on the 8th of June. The World Oceans Day is a reminder to everyone from across the globe to appreciate and take care of the oceans that we all benefit from.

Get Involved this World Oceans Day

The Earth has vast oceans comprising 97 percent of the world’s water. Because of the very large amount of water, it is a must for society to take care of the oceans. The oceans do much for us.

• the originating source of rain water
• a source of food
• ocean plants produce oxygen
• medicinal products
• recreation, and so much more

The oceans of the world are invaluable sources, especially for coastal regions like the State of Washington. Out waterways are a source of income through tourism and the trade industry. Protecting our oceans is a must. Every one should be aware of their responsibility in keeping the oceans healthy.

Did you know that the primary source of pollution in the oceans is from discarded garbage. Discarded garbage doesn’t always make it to the landfill. Waste can often catch a ride in the air on a breezy day and make it to the ocean. Many unscrupulous companies dump directly in the ocean, too.

Even if we do our best to protect our own garbage, there is still so much more that we can do to make a positive impact on our environment and keep the oceans healthy. The most important contribution you can do as a resident of Washington is to be vigilant. Be observant of your surroundings and join groups and participate in activities that promote the welfare of the ocean.

World Oceans Day promotes awareness regarding the status of the world’s oceans. There is no denying that the human activities have impacted our oceans negatively today. It is our responsibility to make up for it and ensure that the future generations will enjoy healthy and natural oceans.