Healthy Vision Month: Proper Eye Care While Working

When you think about proper eye care in the work place most of us think of the obvious: Use goggles. While that is a good tip in recognition of Healthy Vision Month, below are expanded considerations to keep your eyes protected and healthy.

Healthy Vision Month: Proper Eye Care While Working

Wear protective eyewear, goggles or otherwise.

Statistics show that many people have a job-related eye injury that requires extensive medical treatment. Eyewear can go beyond standard goggles and can include those with side shields or improved safety materials that re upwards of ten times stronger than standard plastics.

Keep a distance.

With advances in technology and remote working capabilities, many homeowners these days have the privilege of working from home. With each year we see more home remodeling requests to convert garages or basements into functional, at-home offices. Working at home in front of the computer for many hours a day can put a strain on your eyes. Make sure to keep a healthy distance from the screen. This helps keep your eyes properly focused and minimizes excessive strain.

Get your eyes checked.

Have an eye exam by an eye care professional. While you may not immediately know of any eye sight problems, a comprehensive exam may reveal otherwise. Common eye problems such as age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma show no symptoms. Many can evolve so gradually, too, that you don’t realize that they’ve onset. That is why regular eye exams can be valuable. Plus, if you have glasses or contacts, it can never hurt to re-evaluate your prescription.

Good health = good vision.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Just like in other aspects of health, your eyes’ well-being can be supported by living a healthy lifestyle. When you maintain your ideal weight, you decrease the risk of developing diabetes and other systemic condition that can negatively impact your vision.

When you choose to eat healthy foods your eyes benefit from it, too. Choose fruits and vegetables which are bright in color such as green leafy veggies, carrots, spinach, among others.

When you steer away from the cigarettes, you are also doing your eyes a huge favor. Smoking is closely linked to eye diseases and quitting smoking can never be done too soon.

Health is wealth, as they say, and your eyes’ health could bring you fortune if they are properly taken cared for.