Home improvement considerations/trends for the New Year?

The New Year provides a great excuse to update your home, but where do you begin? We asked experts in the industry to chime in with some ideas for home improvement projects that make a big difference to your quality of life, keep with current trends, and increase resale value. Here’s what they had to say.

Home improvement considerations/trends for the New Year?

Rhianna Miller

Rhianna Miller is the home & garden improvement expert at rubbermulch.com, the original and environmentally responsible mulch made from 100% recycled rubber used in gardens, playgrounds, and sustainable landscaping. Rubber Mulch is weather-resistant, durable, and the most cost-effective mulch around.

Lighting for living
Lighting that is more like natural, outdoor illumination is going to be a trend to watch. The lighting will be healthier for us, helping us to deal with issues like SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Instead of one lamp to help beat SAD, you’ll be able to bathe your whole home in more natural light.

In addition to the type of light, smart home technology now exists to ensure that the lighting in homes is timed to be more effective, following the pattern of the sun and our own circadian rhythms, limiting our exposure to artificial light as much as possible. It’s all good for good moods!

Fix rather than replace
Thanks to ever-rising home prices, as well as scarcity of homes in many large urban centers, a lot of homeowners will choose to update their existing homes, rather than selling up and moving. This will mean more business for contractors and anyone in the business of remodeling, but watch out: millennial owners are big on DIY, thanks to YouTube and other technologies that help them through the processes.

And when fixing is in the offing, the trend is towards systems and replacement appliances that are sustainable in terms of environmental impact, but also contribute to the overall wellness of the people in the home. So aside from the smart lighting mentioned above, additions such as touchless faucets, high-quality air, water purifiers, and non-toxic materials in everything from countertops to carpeting are the new norm.

Environmentally-friendly solutions for the outdoors
Many homeowners will be prioritizing making sure their yards and outdoor spaces are environmentally friendly. From choosing long-lasting rubber mulch—effectively eliminating rubber tire waste—to using smart watering systems that can detect when your lawn or garden beds actually need to be watered, the trend outdoors is to be sure that each choice is sustainable and does not hurt the environment.

The color trend is blue, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms
No, the choice isn’t meant to make you sad! Shades of blue, from darker indigo to airy cornflower, are intended to create cool and serene spaces in two of the busiest rooms in the house. The darker shades of blue aren’t restricted to the walls either. Cabinets, accent walls, backsplashes and even floors in deep hues of blue can do a lot to warm up space, as well as create an elegant look.

Look up for inspiration
Forget the plain white or worse, the popcorn ceilings; statement ceilings are what’s happening. The use of three-dimensional materials to provide visual relief, bright bold colors and very eye-catching—yet human-friendly—lighting allows ceilings to become the focal point, in and of themselves.

Turfing – Freshly laid turf in your yard/garden can completely transform your home’s outdoor design, no matter if it’s real or artificial grass. In both cases, you’ll get to enjoy your time outside more. Both types of turf come with many benefits. Should you choose real turf, the air will be enriched with more oxygen. On the other hand, artificial grass can withstand various temperatures and it resembles real turf, so you’ll have a green lawn all year round.

Fences – Bad weather can cause some serious damages to your fence. So if you notice any cracks or more severe damage after the cold winter months, you should make the necessary repairs. Yet, if you were thinking about replacing your fence completely with a new one that has a different design and would complement your property better, why not do so?

Lay a patio or driveway – One of the ways to update your outdoor area and increase your property’s value is to add a surface—either in the form of a patio or driveway. They are not difficult to maintain and can take your garden to the next level, no matter if you are working with a smaller area or a larger surface. All they need is simply some pressure washing to keep them looking like brand new.

Decking – Even though this is a more expensive addition to your yard, new decking can help improve your property’s curb appeal and make the most out of small [yards] as well as bigger ones. It is the perfect structure for family celebrations during warmer seasons.

Window boxes – These simple changes to the exterior of your property can make your home stand out among your neighbors’. You can go for numerous designs and plant various flowers that can thrive in sun or shade. Window boxes can add texture and color to the exterior of your home, so they are definitely a home update you can consider after the holidays.

Pol Bishop

Pol Bishop is a professional gardening and landscaping expert at fantasticgardeners.co.uk.

Marty Basher

Marty Basher is the home organization expert for modularclosets.com. Modular Closets are high-quality DIY closet units you can mix & match to design your very own custom closet that fits your space and meets your needs for nearly 40% less than standard custom closets.

Multi-functional furniture
A major trend that we will continue to see more of is multifunctional furniture that will help us stay organized and decluttered and maximize the space in our homes. Examples include coffee tables that open for storage of blankets or throws or raise up to function as a desk, lamps with shelving for display items, chairs and sofas that convert to beds, mirrors that open up and house shelving for accessories, console tables that expand to become a dining room table, and closet modules that function as living room shelving and entertainment centers.

New uses for closets
Closets are no longer just for the bedroom or hallway. Modular closet units offer a lot of versatility so we will be seeing their use change to a combination of storage and display vs. behind-closed-door storage, and expand to all areas of the home. Doorless closets are one example, as are individual closet units that combine open shelving and drawers, giving homeowners the flexibility to store items that might clutter a space, but also display collectibles, art objects and more. This broadens their potential use to virtually any room in the house, including kitchens, mud rooms, laundry rooms, family rooms and more.

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