Home Improvement When Kids Are Back in School

With your children back in school, you can give your full attention to that honey-do list of home repairs that’s been gathering dust. With fall soon upon us, it’s a great time to tackle those home repair and maintenance tasks.

Home Improvement When Kids Are Back in School

• Tune-up that air conditioner for the last days of summer

• Make heater repairs for the upcoming cooler temperatures

• Roof repairs to protect yourself during fall rain and winter snow

• Repair rain gutters for proper drainage

• Have weather stripping applied before the cold of winter hits hard so you can stay warm and minimize utility costs

• Clean out the garage before you’re stuck unable to clean it until warmer weather next year.

Last but not least, do some cleaning of the façade and exterior of your house. Exterior cleaning is one part of home maintenance that is taken for granted. However, if dirt builds up on the outside of your home it can lead to timely clean-up later or costly repairs.