Honor the Earth in Your Kitchen

Earth Day is observed on April 22. You can join the celebration in many ways, including giving your kitchen an earth-friendly design.

Honor the Earth in Your Kitchen

(Pixabay / kirkandmimi)

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so if you want to show your support of the environment, it only makes sense to start there. You can begin by choosing an earth-themed color scheme. Possible hues include warm browns and tans and even rich reds. You can embellish your base colors with green accents.

If you are installing new kitchen cabinetry, order cabinets in dark mahogany, maple or ebony. If you are keeping your original cabinets, repaint them in earth tones. Cabinets are among the most prominent kitchen components, so make sure that they reflect your theme.

Your choice of countertop is critical as well. If installing new countertops, use terracotta tiles or granite or slate in beige or brown tones. If you are keeping your old countertop, you can accessorize it with wood chopping boards and earth-toned utensils.

Your kitchen floor can invoke natural themes. Use tiles with earth-toned color and rough surfaces. If you are not going to change your flooring, add earth-toned area rugs made from environmentally friendly materials. You can add simple accessories to invoke plants, trees, and natural scenes.

Show your respect for our planet by keeping it clean, conserving its resources, and incorporating earth-related themes into your kitchen design and décor.