How to Choose The Perfect Color Combination for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important gathering places in the home. Not only is it where family members cook and share meals with each other, but it’s also a place where valuable family memories are made. So, when it comes to redesigning and painting your kitchen, it’s vital that you pick colors that make the room a delightful place to be.

How to Choose The Perfect Color Combination for Your Kitchen

(Pixabay / jwco)

Here are some things to keep in mind when picking colors for your kitchen:

  • Start with a plan — It’s essential that all the colors and features in your kitchen work together to make a cohesive unit. When working toward a redesign of your kitchen, make sure you plan out what kind of fixtures, colors, cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes you will be using ahead of time. Grabbing samples of each feature you’re interested in and looking at them together will give you the opportunity to see if all the elements will look good as a whole.
  • Ask family members for their opinions — Since the kitchen is such a special room in the home, it’s crucial that those using the room love to be inside of it. It’s easy to follow trends to create a kitchen that feels elegant. However, what’s popular and homey to some people, may not feel like home to others. You should ask your spouse and other family members what kind of look would make them feel most at home in your kitchen. It’s important to also keep in mind that certain people may use the kitchen more than others, so it might be worth asking the cook of the family what they would prefer and putting a little more emphasis on their opinions.
  • Prioritize cabinets — Cabinets are a dominant feature in any kitchen, so picking the cabinets first can help inform the rest of the design. For example, choosing white cabinets or dark cabinets will lead you down different design paths, as they each offer different feels to the room. You should then pick a paint that complements the hue of your cabinets. If you decide to go with natural wood colors, you can look at the undertones of the wood to determine what color palette would look best with them.
  • Look at lighting changes — Once you know the direction you want to take for painting in your kitchen, make sure to test the colors before fully committing. Depending on the lighting, colors may appear different than you anticipated. One way to do this is to place paint chips on your walls. That way you can see what the colors look like during different times of the day, as well as in natural and artificial light.
  • Aim for neutral countertops — Colors should be accents in your kitchen. Therefore any dominant fixture in your kitchen, like the countertop, should be neutral. That way, you can more easily pair paints and backsplashes with it. Additionally, if your countertops are bold and loud, they will drown out any unique accents you want to feature, and the competing attention can make the room feel busy and uncomfortable.

Renovating your kitchen can be an exciting experience. If you pick a good color scheme and pair fixtures well, you will be sure to create a space that appeals to your whole family and impresses any guests that come into your home.