How to Free Up More Space in Your Kitchen

There are a thousand and one things that need to be stored in today’s crowded kitchens. Not only do you need to find space for cooking essentials, but you need to house other small gadgets that are deemed essential for your new recipes. Eventually, it may come to the point that you have to do a renovation or a reorganization of your kitchen to prevent various items from cluttering up your workspace.

How to Free Up More Space in Your Kitchen

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You can take your kitchen design to the next level by having heavy-duty storage and lines of accessories that combine functionality and design aesthetic.

Fun and Functional

When you are renovating your kitchen, you need to make the most of all available space. Traditional cabinets can limit what you can store, so you might consider open shelves and storage walls where you can hang your cooking utensils to make them accessible. Your kitchen appliances, as much as possible, should occupy less space, which can be made possible by integrating some of them (including the microwave and coffee machine) into the wall. Another idea is to eliminate devices in the kitchen by investing in kitchen appliances that combine various functions into one machine, such as the Thermomix which blends and heats simultaneously.

Utilitarian Design

Go back to the basics by renovating your kitchen into a practical one, where the use of stainless steel benchtops and backsplashes are both contemporary and practical. This kitchen applies the revolutionary ‘form follows function’ principle, an idea that the shape of the kitchen should be based primarily on its function and purpose, with aesthetics taking on a secondary role. The concept means that the exterior and interior designs should be simple and contribute to a cost-effective construction. Under the utilitarian concept, instead of using kitchen cabinets for the storage of pots and pans, the kitchen should give way to open shelving to display everything. Open shelving reduces cost and makes it easier to use everyday objects.

Drawers and Baskets

Your renovated kitchen will not be complete without efficient storage. Tidy drawers and baskets can hold accessories while following the minimalist design. Include trays and pull-out baskets as the solution to fit your functional needs, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences.

Space for Everything

Your kitchen will not be complete without customization, which calls for the inclusion of everything you want within your immediate reach. By designing a system of accessories and solutions, you can personalize every work area of the kitchen for maximum functionality.

Tools of the Trade

You cannot be called a serious chef if you do not have the basic tools of the trade such as a good oven and stove. Getting efficient and easy-to-clean appliances will make your life easy as a cook. Based on your budget, get the best available stove and oven to allow you to cook quickly and well.

If working in your kitchen is becoming a struggle because of the limited storage space and the crowding caused by your kitchen appliances and devices, a renovation that will take your kitchen to the next level is the solution.