How Trees Can Damage Homes and How To Prevent It

Trees are among many of nature’s gift to mankind. They provide fruit and nuts for food. They provide shade on a warm day. They are the main variable that recycles carbon dioxide to give us fresh oxygen. They are the lumber that builds and remodels our homes. They landscape our yard with beauty. In recognition of Arbor Day, we salute everything that trees bring us.

How Trees Can Damage Homes and How To Prevent It

Interestingly enough, did you know that trees need to be maintained to minimize their likelihood of any negative impacts on your home? “Negative impacts from trees?” you might ask? Yes. Trees pose a threat to homes especially when they are too close to the structure. Here are some tips to better understand maintaining trees to minimize potential property damage.

Trees that stand too close to a home are potential fire hazards.

Trees are great fuel for fire. Keep trees at a safe distance from your home. Should there every be a fire nearby, trees provide easy access for the flames to get close and personal with your home. It is important to trim branches, rake dry leaves, and maintain distances between fire hazards and your home.

Root damage

In addition to trees that are too close presenting themselves as fire hazards, close trees can also cause damage by growing root systems. Trees are large, beautiful, living things. Because of their size they require on-going water and nutrition to grow and maintain. Trees acquire water and nutrition through their roots. Over the years, a tree’s root system can push through a home’s foundation or puncture sewer lines. Avoid costly repairs by keeping the root systems of trees at a distance from your home.

Dead trees near the home should be cut down.

Large, dead trees should be cut down. Don’t think that just because a tree is dead that it will stay still. Small twigs may be the first to age and fall away. Eventually, larger branches fall. After that, all it takes is for a storm to knock over larger branches or the entire tree and cause immediate home or personal damage.

Trim healthy trees.

Trim a tree’s branches at regular intervals to minimize branches falling on communication and power lines. All it takes is one branch to present itself as a fire hazard and damage your home.

Because we live in such a scenic, nature-friendly environment in Washington, some homeowners may also be all to familiar with critters using trees as a roadway to your attic. Trimming branches to maintain a healthy distance between trees and home is wise to minimize unwanted visitors.

This Arbor Day, appreciate the trees in your life. Keep them healthy and strong while taking precautionary measures to protect your home.