Ideas for Designing Creative Custom Cabinets

When people speak of remodeling their kitchen, the cabinets are sometimes an afterthought or a last step. However, new cabinets can go a long way in giving your kitchen a new look.

Ideas for Designing Creative Custom Cabinets

(Pixabay / shadowfirearts)

If you are considering a kitchen renovation, try these ideas for custom cabinetry that will open up more storage space and add style to your kitchen:

  • Design a beverage cabinet – Adding a beverage cabinet that matches your kitchen will add elegance to your remodeling project. Include a slide-out wine rack that will let you easily access your favorite bottle for dinner. A glass front is another nice addition that will enable you to take inventory of your stock at a glance.
  • Use an open concept – Cabinets with no doors give a fresh, modern look to a kitchen. Instead of hiding attractive kitchenware behind opaque doors, you can put it on display with an open cabinet. If open cabinets are too big of a leap, try putting a stained glass or frosted glass front on the cabinet.
  • Include appliance cabinets – Kitchen appliances are typically kept on the countertop, leaving the area cluttered and crowded. Adding an appliance cabinet will clear the countertops, with the appliances out of sight but within easy reach when needed.
  • Don’t forget the corners – Kitchen corners often add up to wasted space. Make the space into something useful with corner cabinets for the storage of pots and pans, spice racks, and other small kitchen items.

New cabinetry is nice, but you can take it up a notch with innovative new designs to add class to your kitchen. Many cabinet makers offer design services to help you maximize your storage space.