Ideas for a Beautiful Minimalist Bathroom

The minimalist aesthetic in the bathroom is both pleasing and calming to the eye, making it a great style to shoot for when you’re designing a bathroom scheme. A minimalist design features simple lines that create a clean environment and an uncluttered space. It provides a perfect environment for starting a new day or unwinding before going to bed. Minimalist aesthetic in a bathroom does not preclude luxury. In fact, you can add posh accents here and there as a perfect complement to your design. The trick is to get rid of items that do not have a clear or intentional use and replace them with functional but glamorous items. A minimalist luxury bathroom is still possible.

Ideas for a Beautiful Minimalist Bathroom

(Pixabay / AdrienVillez)


A minimalist bathroom is free from clutter. When you think about how you’d like to begin and end your day, you’re probably not envisioning knocking things off the countertop or tripping over stuff on the floor. Minimalism can give you a relaxing start or end to your day because you won’t be spending time in a bathroom that is full of clutter. A messy bathroom tends to make the rest of your day messy, too.


A bathroom is usually full of little items that are floating around the cupboards and drawers. After decluttering your bathroom, you need to start organizing things, keeping only those items that you often use and discarding or putting into storage those things that are seldom used.

Organizing your bathroom is a big step in maintaining a simplified and minimalist bathroom.

Incorporate Contrasting Shapes

A minimalist bathroom should combine simplicity and glamor. One way of joining the two is to play with the shapes of the things you have in the bathroom. Think about how classy an oval bathtub would be contrasting with triangular floor tiles and the sharp angles of a pendant light fixture. Incorporating various shapes in your bathroom can create a sense of cohesion.

Mix it up with Marble

Marble in the bathroom is elegant and classy. Tuck your marble bathtub away in a private corner of your bathroom to make it the perfect place to unwind at the end of a grueling day. With shiny, swirling marble lighting up your bathroom, you don’t have to worry about adding a lot of odd-and-end decor.

Keep Things Simple

If the bathroom that you intend to remodel has large windows, by all means, keep them. The large windows will let sunlight in and create a beautiful glow, imparting a natural brightness that you don’t usually find in a bathroom. A white, elegant bathtub seated on a hardwood floor provides a simple but classy look and an excellent way to both soak in the sunlight and wash all of your worries away.

Shower Seating

Add a functional and decorative touch to your minimalist bathroom by adding a wooden seat in the shower. By surrounding the shower area with white tiles and adding wood tiles on the shower floor, you’ll be matching the wooden bench seamlessly for a great look.

The highly trendy minimalist look works well in many parts of the house, but especially in the bathroom where space is often a premium and less is more. These simple ideas can help you achieve a minimalist look and make your bathroom a more functional and inviting space.