Inexpensive Home Improvement Ideas For The Holidays?

If you’re hosting guests for the holidays, you want your home to sparkle. But with holiday gifts eating up plenty of your budget, you don’t want to spend a fortune. We asked the pros to weigh in with some ideas for enhancing your home this holiday season without breaking the bank. Here’s what they had to say:
Inexpensive Home Improvement Ideas For The Holidays?

Adam Jacobs

Adam Jacobs is a property manager in Idaho. He also works remotely for Utah-based Powerblanket, an industrial heating blanket manufacturer, as their Public Relations Campaign Manager.
Replace yellowing light switches and outlet covers to make a room look like new. If a home is more than 10 years old, or people have smoked in it, there’s a good chance electrical outlet and light switch covers have yellowed. Replace them to bring a pop of “like-new” white back into the home. This has made a huge difference in the rental market, where removing yellowed covers makes the place more visually appealing to prospective tenants.
Want a quick project this holiday season? Take a half wall and transform it into a functional bookshelf that can store books off season and a Christmas village during the holidays.
Inexpensive Home Improvement Ideas For The Holidays?

Danielle Pientka

Danielle Pientka is a stay-at-home mom who loves working on home improvement, sewing, and craft projects. You can get detailed project tutorials on her blog,

Rhianna Miller

Rhianna Miller is a home/yard improvement expert with Rhianna regularly contributes on topics related to house, yard and neighborhood design/improvement, curb appeal, home renovations and more. Her insight has been featured on, Quicken Loans, USA Today, Sparefoot, Everyday Family, Fit Small Business and more.

Holidays are busy enough as it is. Between the food, the guests, and all the other incidentals, home improvement projects may seem unimportant. However, there are a few things that are not only easy but inexpensive to achieve this holiday season.

  1. A kitchen island. This may seem superfluous, but you will be glad you invested in this when you just cannot find a place to set Aunt Sally’s casserole. A kitchen island adds some much-needed counter and serving space for all the holiday foods.
  2. Seasonal garlands. This is an easy way to add some classy festiveness to your home. Door frames, window frames, or even the spaces above cabinets are the perfect places to put up some garlands. Try the kind that comes pre-lit for some evening ambiance as well.
  3. Fresh paint. Adding fresh coats of paint in the bathrooms and guest rooms will add that extra something to make your home more comfortable for holiday guests. Another painting project perfect for the holidays is to repaint your front door. Holidays and red go hand in hand, so step outside your comfort zone and maybe give a fun-colored front door a try!
  4. Interchangeable seasonal pieces. Rugs, organizers, ottomans, recliner covers, etc. are all very easy to change out and match to the seasons. You can even try out couch covers to really pull the room together for the holidays. This is something you can be working on all year! Find some cute barstools perfect for autumn at a local yard sale? Grab them and swap them out for Thanksgiving!
  5. Framed mirrors. Another great holiday home improvement project that is super easy is to frame your bathroom mirrors. If you use a semi-permanent adhesive, you can even keep them updated for every holiday. This keeps any holiday party mood going, even during bathroom breaks.
  6. Indoor and outdoor light strings. An easy and inexpensive way to set a holiday mood is via strands of holiday lights. They are simple to place anywhere from a mantle to a staircase, inside a large vase, your backyard deck, exterior window boxes, around your front door, the ceiling of your porch and more.

Contact Paper:

One way to kick up your restroom or kitchen sinks and counters for the holidays is to wrap them with contact paper. Contact paper is cheap, waterproof, durable, and easy removable if you are currently renting your place or want to go back to how your home looked before after the holiday season. Your guests will be totally surprised by your new marble or granite countertop.

Contact paper comes in many different colors, patterns, and textures and is easy to use anywhere. Get creative and make a backsplash or cover up other tabletops. Best of all, many contact paper rolls run for less than $10 on Amazon! Just wrap, remove the excess with an exacto knife, and you’re ready to go.

Decorative Trays:

Oftentimes, just having a place where things belong makes your space look more clean and luxurious. Decorative trays create a spot for you to store little items that would normally just be lying around randomly, which can look messy. For example, all the remotes in your living room are probably lying on the couch or somewhere on your coffee table. With a decorative tray on your coffee table or ottoman, the remote looks like it belongs there.

You can also dress up your decorative trays with a small succulent or geometric piece to kick it up a notch. You can get a 2-pack of decorative trays on Amazon for around $25. Choose to go for the rustic feel or modern, funky look to match your personality.

Thy-An Tran

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Marcus Clarke

Marcus Clarke, Editor
A really simple way to give your home a refresh for the holidays is to tweak your entrance way / hallway. It’s the first thing that visitors will see when they come into your home so it gives a great first impression. It will also make it seem like you’ve done more around the house.

You can give your hallway a new look very simply in 3 steps:

  1. Give it a fresh coat of paint, choosing traditional colours, but have a look at home magazines for what’s in at the moment.
  2. Add mirrors, or move them around. Mirrors can make your hallway look much bigger and give it a new look.
  3. Add a hall runner rug. They are relatively inexpensive as they aren’t too much material, but they can transform the look of your space. Choose something that will complement your newly painted walls.

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