International Day of Happiness and a Happy Home

The International Day of Happiness is a worldwide celebration that comes around every March 20th. On this day, people share happiness and become part of something amazing as they strive to make the world a better place.

International Day of Happiness and a Happy Home

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As wonderful as it is to set a day aside that’s for such a great purpose, you don’t have to wait for the International Day of Happiness to find a reason to be joyful. You can be content right in your home as you make it a personal haven. If you’re happy in your home, you’ll be eager to rush home right after work or school, but if you associate it with negative feelings, you may not want to spend more time there than is absolutely necessary.

It is not difficult to make your home a happy one, but it does require a little bit of effort on your part. Here are a few ideas for brightening up your home environment.


You probably look around your house and see things that you have collected over the years that you love. They remind you of good people, places, and experiences, and those memories bring you joy. Unfortunately, there may be a few items that you don’t particularly like but that you’re holding onto for one reason or another. You may even feel obligated to keep things you don’t like out of respect for the person who gave you the item.

When you live in a house surrounded by things that don’t make you happy, little by little, your life becomes unhappy also. You can make your home a happy one by surrounding yourself only with things that you love and will lift your spirit. Forget about sentimentality. If you don’t like an item in your house, toss it, sell it, or gift it, regardless of who gave it to you. Keeping only the things that will make you smile is key to having a happy home.

Design Your Luxury Suite

The bedroom is the part of your house where you should feel energetic and hopeful. It is a space that is generally shared with your loved one, and it can be the setting for many special memories. You relax, dream, share, and plan out your life goals within the sanctity of the bedroom. Since you spend some of the most special moments of your life in the bedroom, make it your luxury suite. Get beautiful, comfortable furniture, and decorate in such a way that being in your bedroom is always a revitalizing experience.

Remodel Your Bathroom

Next to your bedroom, the bathroom is another important part of your home because of all of the things you do in there. Whether you’re relaxing in the tub, shaving, applying makeup, brushing your teeth, or “answering the call,” you spend a significant amount of time in your bathroom.

Add some plush towels, fancy candles, bath salts, scented soaps, and essential oils. Make your bathroom as beautiful and elegant as you can by decorating it properly to turn it into a luxurious refuge.

Consider the Kitchen

Turn your kitchen into a fancy restaurant where you can prepare gourmet meals for the family. The kitchen is the center of family activity, so it is fitting to give it proper attention by decorating it with style to match the type of meals that will be prepared here.

There are unlimited ways of turning your home into a happy place. With a few small tweaks around the house, you can add incredible amounts of joy to your life.