Is it Time to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?

Your hardwood floor will start to show its age after about 20 years. At this stage, you will notice that it may have become dull, scratched, and discolored with years of use and abuse.

Is it Time to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?

(Pixabay / babylass)

Thankfully, you can breathe new life into your hardwood flooring. A typical ¾-inch hardwood floor may be sanded and refinished about six times during its lifetime. You will need at least 1/32 of an inch of wood on the top of your floors to facilitate sanding.

The following tips will guide you in your hardwood floor refinishing:

  • Choose the right professionals – Hire experienced and professional wood refinishers. An inexperienced worker might not move the sander properly and eat up too much of your flooring. This will limit your opportunities for future re-sanding. Hire the right people after getting referrals from friends and checking the refinisher’s previous work.
  • Find out if you need a full refinishing – If your hardwood floor isn’t heavily scratched, you may not yet be due for a full refinish. You might only need a “screen and poly” job. This means that a light sanding and the application of a new polyurethane finish over the top will suffice. This procedure will save you about 50% of the cost of a full refinishing job.
  • Stay away – You don’t want to be in too close of proximity to the sanding; it’s very messy. Sanding may only require a day or two, but the staining and application of the polyurethane finish could take several days. Make plans to be out of the house as needed. You could ruin your newly refinished floor if you walk on it too soon after the job is finished.
  • Touch up the baseboards – The baseboards are the wood trim where the wall meets the floor. During the sanding and finishing processes, your baseboards will take a beating. They may get dinged by the sander and covered with polyurethane finish. The company doing your refinishing should retouch your baseboards if they were compromised in the course of the job.

Refinishing your hardwood floor will restore its shine and beauty. Choose your refinishing company carefully, and make sure that you are ready for the inconveniences and expenses.