Is Your Bathroom the Best Place to Store Your Make Up?

Make up. It can hide a host of evils—those bags under your eyes, that blemish on your cheek, those little creases that seem to be getting deeper by the year. It helps you look your best, feel great every time you look in the mirror, and spread bacteria. Heck, you could even pretend to be a CIA operative and fight evil ninjas with your lipstick. Wait. Bacteria? Yes.

A study performed in the United Kingdom investigated “microbial contamination” on various products. The specific things they measured were lipstick, lip gloss, eye liner, mascara and beauty blenders. This study found that 79% to 90% of all used products were contaminated. Among the bacteria found were things like E. Coli and staphylococci.

Is Your Bathroom the Best Place to Store Your Make Up?

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That’s kind of disconcerting, isn’t it?

The nice thing is, you can avoid this. In fact, there are only a couple of primary reasons it happens:

1. Expired make up

Make sure you’re checking the expiration dates on everything you use. When you use it every day or every couple of days, it can be easy to forget about those things, especially when they last a few years. So, make sure you’re checking your inventory frequently.

2. It’s in a bathroom

This is where the focus of this article will be. So, pay attention.

Keeping make up in the bathroom makes a lot of sense. It has good lighting, there’s a good mirror for easier application, there’s even the storage space. Despite all this, the bathroom is a terrible place to keep that stuff.

One reason is the steam. If you take hot, steamy showers, that gives any mold or bacteria plenty of room and fuel to grow. Along with this is the heat. That does the exact same thing. Many molds grow in warm, moist environments, so you need to be extra careful. But, if you have a deep cupboard in the room, similar to a hutch, that may help prevent some of that moisture from getting in. Either way, it’s still not a good idea.

Not only does the steam and heat cause the make up to mold, but all of that stuff in the air can cause it to just go bad faster than the expiration date.

Another problem is the toilet. Flushing the john (mainly with the lid open) can cause fecalized water to spray into the air. While you may not see it, smell it or feel it, it’s still there. This stuff can also spread over to your make up supplies, infecting them.

A bathroom can be beautiful and functional, and heaven knows it’s necessary, too, but it can also be ripe for contamination. If you want your make up to be safe from all that bacteria, keep it away.

3. It doesn’t get cleaned

The study cited earlier said that certain make up tools, specifically the beauty blenders, weren’t cleaned very often. To be more specific, 93% had never been cleaned. On top of that, 64% had been dropped on the floor—the same floor traversed by sweaty feet or even sprayed by men missing their shot.

If you happen to be one of those folks who never clean their make up applicators, turn over a new leaf today. Clean them and let them dry properly at least once every week.

Storing it somewhere else

Going back to keeping your make up in the bathroom, if you’ve decided to stop doing that, where else is there?

One option is keeping it in your bedroom closet. Many master bedrooms have a large, spacious side room with lots of shelf space. You can keep it in there. But if you don’t have any closet space for your beauty kit, what can you do? You could try getting one of the best home storage systems Washington can offer. It can be built just about anywhere in your house, including right outside of the bathroom for ease-of-access, or perhaps in the bedroom if it affords more space.

The main thing we want you to take away from this is that your face deserves to be healthy. So, take care of your make up and store it right. Need help with a custom closet or home storage solution to help you reorganize your bathroom? Contact Interior Remodel Specialists. We have been serving the greater Seattle area since 2003 and have the expertise to help you develop the home storage system that suits you best.