Kent, Washington

The 2010 census has revealed a whooping 92,411 inhabitants in Kent. There were 34,044 households, and 21,816 families, and a population density of 3,227.8 residents per square mile. Compared to 2000 census, the City has only 79,524 residents. Indeed, Kent has developed rapidly in the last decade. At Interior Remodel Specialists, we’re proud to contribute to help with the Kent, Washington’s remodeling along the way.

Business in Kent, Washington

Today, Kent is the sixth largest city in the state and the home of the fourth largest manufacturing and distribution area in the country. Westerners first settled in Kent in the early 1860’s, specifically along the banks of the White River. The city was first known as Titusville but was renamed for the county of Kent in 1889. With such a rich history, the city houses some of the country’s most iconic steel and metal manufacturers – Salmon Bay Steel Company,
Pacific Metal Company, and Puget Sound Steel.

During and after the Great Depression, Kent was considered as the “Lettuce Capital of the World.” It started to grow rapidly after World War II, from 1953 to 1960. Once a small agricultural town, it is now the home of several business empires such as Boeing – an aerospace manufacturing company.

Kent, Washington Arts & Culture

The City of Kent bought the historic Bereiter House in 1996. The edifice served as a home of the city’s early mayors, and also as a Historical Museum, which has been operated by an exclusive society known as the “Greater Kent Historical Society.” The society was formed in 1992, aiming to promote the discovery of Kent as well as the preservation and dissemination of knowledge about the history of the greater Kent.

Kent, Washington Outdoors

The City is divided into three regions.

  • East Hill
  • The Valley
  • West Hill

Outdoorsmen love the spectacular view of Mt. Rainier to the southeast. Or the fascinating Lake Meridian on the East Hill. Parks, miniparks, skateparks, greenbelts, playfields, and other similar facilities also abound across the lovely city of Kent.