Kid-Friendly Bathrooms

When children enter a home, they bring a different set of needs and preferences for their surroundings than their adult counterparts have. While your instinct may be to redesign rooms to create accommodations for your children, they will eventually outgrow these features. However, there are things you can do to make bathrooms more friendly for your kids, as well as other kids that may be visiting your home.

Kid-Friendly Bathrooms

(Pixabay / amyelizabethquinn)

Here are a few things you can do to make your bathrooms more friendly:

  • Kid-proof the countertop — Some countertops are more prone to wear and tear. If children are the primary occupants of a bathroom, opt for a more heavy-duty countertop like quartz, so it doesn’t become damaged too quickly.
  • Pick fixtures for all ages — Make sure you are accommodating all heights when you are putting in shower heads and shower bars. If you still have young children, make sure you have bars and shower heads they can reach to adjust. Most of the time, you can buy shower heads that have a taller and shorter extension to accommodate people of all heights.
  • Use stools in the bathroom — Many people think having a shorter sink or a shorter toilet will make the bathroom experience more comfortable for their children. However, most children don’t notice the difference. Adult guests, on the other hand, definitely will. Make sure you keep the standard-sized vanity and toilet and instead opt for stools that can be easily stored. Children can pull them out to use when they need them, and put them away when they’re done. Not only does this save adults the inconvenience of using too-small toilets, but it also saves you money later when your children have grown taller and no longer need child-sized bathroom features.
  • Accessorize to represent your child’s personality — While you may be tempted to add fixtures to your bathroom to make it more childlike, you can give a bathroom more child appeal for less money with a coat of paint, a youthful shower curtain, or whimsical art. These things can easily be replaced or changed once your child grows or enters a different phase of interests.
  • Install anti-scald devices — The most common type of accident in the bathroom involving children is hot water scalding. You can prevent this by installing anti-scald devices on sink faucets and showerheads. These types of devices control how much hot water is allowed to flow out. These devices can also be useful for adults if you have a shower that runs hot.
  • Utilize storage bins — If you have a few kids, it won’t take long for the bathroom to get chaotic due to bath toys and other products. You can use shelving units and baskets labeled for each child to keep track of their personal items. Using storage organizers will help keep the bathroom looking less cluttered.

Through adding youthful fixtures and fun accessories, you can make a bathroom that fits your child while also appealing to any adults that may need to use the facilities as well.