Kitchen Remodel: Timeless Design

Kitchen remodeling is not something that you do very often. Most likely, you will remodel your kitchen only once. Given that the median cost of a kitchen remodel today is $60,000, you’ll want to make the most out of your project.

Kitchen Remodel: Timeless Design

(Pixabay / Designcycle)

The following are some of the timeless design concepts you can incorporate into your kitchen renovation:

  • Marble countertops – Many people will opt for granite or quartz for their countertops, but you can often save money with a readily available marble product such as Carrara marble. It has been used for centuries, but it still looks classy and up-to-date. One drawback is that it stains, but if you seal it properly, staining shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Hardwood flooring – Nothing can beat the beauty and elegance of hardwood floor in the kitchen. Considering that the price of hardwood has decreased significantly recently, hardwood is more accessible to homeowners. You don’t have to deal with the challenges of grout between tiles, and if your floor gets scratched, you can have it resurfaced.
  • Open floor plan – By tearing down walls and eliminating the isolationist nooks, an open-layout kitchen will encourage interaction in the kitchen. An open layout also makes food preparation and cooking smooth and easy because almost everything is within reach.
  • White backsplash tiles – There are lots of trendy colors and designs for your backsplash, but you can’t go wrong with white tiles. They look fresh and clean and can brighten up your kitchen.
  • Induction cooktop – People who complain about too much heat in the kitchen can solve their problem with induction cooking. It utilizes very little heat, with the surface remaining safe to touch. Induction cooking eliminates the need for a range hood, allowing you to put your walls to creative use.

Plan your kitchen renovation well before you actually start on the project, and leave a little cushion in your budget for unexpected construction challenges. Make sure that your design and layout have staying power so that your kitchen will look stylish and current well into the future.