Liven Up Your Kitchen with Living Plants

Live plants can do wonders in just about any kitchen environment. They come in various colors, sizes, shapes, and varieties. Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, so having them in your kitchen can literally breathe new life into it. The presence of plants add color, depth, height, and a dramatic look to any kitchen regardless of style, nature, and size. Depending on the look you’re going for, here are some ideas for incorporating greenery into your kitchen.

Liven Up Your Kitchen with Living Plants

(Pixabay / TheVirtualDenise)

Herbs and Aromatics

The best part about keeping herbs and aromatics in the kitchen is that they serve a dual purpose of looking nice and being edible. Small pots with rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, parsley, tarragon, and cilantro liven up not just the room, but also the food you’re cooking.

Cut a few sprigs or pull off a bundle of leaves. Chop them up, and add them to soups, salads, or casseroles. These herbs don’t just add color to the food but also loads of flavor. With almost no effort, these herbs can improve the taste and aroma of virtually any dish. Even when nobody’s cooking in the kitchen, the scent of these herbs can be fresh and pleasing.

Corner Plants and Hints of Green

The kitchen is a busy place even if nobody is actually preparing food. With all the equipment hanging around and the range, oven, and refrigerator always ready for use, there seems to be a perpetual sense of anticipation. However, it can also feel like a sterile, mechanical place if you’re not careful. Add some pots of cacti or violets to that spot in the corner that you don’t know what to do with, or place a small flower bed along one wall. It is easy to make the place come alive as the greens break up the color scheme and tiles.

Bouquets Large and Small

Pick flowers from the garden and place them in a vase. Add tall roses or some peonies and chrysanthemums to make your kitchen pop and break up the monotony of sterile-looking appliances.

Drying Herbs and Spices

You’ve probably seen rustic kitchens with items hanging to dry. Many rural kitchens across the globe display garlic, ginger, chilies, and various herbs and spices drying in bunches. They make a kitchen feel more lived in. This style can be easily emulated in your own kitchen. Buy your spices in large bundles and place them in a net hanger. Oregano, tarragon, and basil dry very well in an open space, and they keep for a long time, too. Chop up these dried spices whenever you need them in your recipes.

Adding a splash of color and scent with fresh or dried plants is an easy way to liven up your kitchen. The next time you’re stuck indoors preparing a family meal, you can glance over at a welcome remnant of the great outdoors brightening up both your environment and your mood.