Make Your Kitchen Your Happy Place

The world celebrates the International Day of Happiness on March 20. The observance is dedicated to the idea that progress is not just about the economy but also about increasing human happiness and well-being. Different countries honor the day in their own ways under the auspices of the United Nations.

Make Your Kitchen Your Happy Place

(Pixabay / MemoryCatcher)

Though international celebrations are great reminders, happiness is largely an individual pursuit that matters each day of the year. Every person is entitled to happiness, but we must all attain it in our own way.

Happiness often starts at home with our closest relationships. If you’re looking to make your home a happier place to be, consider these tips for a more streamlined and inviting kitchen:

Rethink your layout

Do you have a continuous workspace for preparing food? Are your cooking instruments close to the stove? Is your colander stored within easy access of your sink? Do you like where you hang your drying rag? Stand back and assess the practicality and flow of your kitchen. Just a few changes can improve your efficiency in the kitchen, allowing a more rewarding cooking experience and giving you time back in your day.

Add an island

Is your kitchen low on storage or counter space? If so, a rolling island may be the perfect solution. You can drag it wherever you need it in the kitchen. You can use it for chopping or rolling out bread dough. Choose an island with good storage, including deep drawers and cabinets with shelves. If you can’t afford an island, try looking up a DIY pattern online and make your own.

Use your storage space wisely

As the nerve center of the home, the kitchen can get cluttered in a hurry. It’s hard to feel happy when you are working amidst a jumble of stuff. Improve your storage system. Use labeled shelves and bins to create a space for everything. Don’t just set things on the counter for later use; that’s how stuff piles up. Store each item properly.


A well-lit kitchen can help create a happy atmosphere. Eliminate the dark corners of your kitchen by installing beautiful lights. Consider adding track lighting under your upper cabinets to illuminate your counter spaces.

You can spend a fortune on a perfectly-appointed kitchen, but if you don’t keep it in good condition, it won’t bring you the intended joy. These small adjustments can help you maintain a more organized and welcoming kitchen—a place where you and your family members will want to congregate.