Memorial Day Weekend Homeowner Tips

Memorial Day weekend is around the corner. You probably have one foot out the door already. Going on a vacation with your loved ones, family or friends is often one of the most exciting things to look forward to each summer. The beach is so inviting, the sun is so bright, the temperatures are welcoming. Before you take off, make sure that you have a welcome place to return to so that you can relax when you get back.

Memorial Day Weekend Homeowner Tips

Tidy up

Clean your home before you head out. There’s one sure way to take the fun out of returning home from a vacation and that’s returning home to a mess.

Turn off the main water supply

This goes regardless of the season. Any time you are leaving for an extended amount of time you should turn off your home’s main water supply. Why? Nothing can ruin a home faster than leaking water.

Broken water lines dues to freezing temperatures are not the only cause of water damage in a home. Ice makers, fridge water lines, toilet supply lines, or any water line is like any other part in the world. They get used, they wear away and eventually need replacing. There’s no worse time than a part to decide that it wants to be replaced while you are gone for a few days over Memorial Day weekend. By turning off your main water supply, you’ll be sure to avoid any surprises.

Clean out the fridge

Leftovers can be delicious, but not when they’re spoiled. Don’t forget to clean out your refrigerator and pantry. Check for perishable items that may go bad during your time away.

A few simple tips like this can extend your vacation’s feeling of relaxation as you return home to a clean, orderly home. Enjoy the long weekend, Washington!